Horse Barn Fans

  • 18" Basket Fan

    SKU: 18BF


    The 18" basket fan is designed especially for agricultural use. Unlike most fans (which are NOT meant for use in barns), this fan has a totally enclosed motor with sealed ball bearings. This allows the fan(s) to be used in wet locations!

    Motor: 1/8 HP

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  • 14" Basket Fan

    SKU: 14BFW


    Our 14" indoor/outdoor basket fan is the smaller version of our most popular 18" basket fan. This 1/8 HP fan is designed especially for agricultural use. It has a totally enclosed motor with sealed ball bearings, so it can be used in wet locations!

    Motor: 1/8 HP

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  • Indoor/Outdoor Shutter Fan

    SKU: SF

    Indoor/Outdoor Shutter Fan

    This 3-speed indoor/outdoor shutter fan is a durable, agricultural graded exhaust fan; perfect for barns and many other applications. These fans come with a 9' 3-prong cord, so it's a "No Electrician Required" installation. Motor: 1/32 (12"), 1/10 HP (16" & 20") or 1/8 HP (24")

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  • 60" Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

    SKU: 60CFA


    This 60" indoor/outdoor ceiling fan is smooth, quiet, and efficient with 9,415 CFM of air movement! It provides ventilation that will promote a healthier and cooler environment for your plants and animals all year long.

    Compatibility: Wall Mount Variable Speed Controls

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  • Wall Mount Variable Speed Controls

    SKU: FSC

    Wall Mount Variable Speed Controls

    Choose from one of our wall-mounted variable speed controllers to hook up to your 60" ceiling fan(s). These speed controls use full-wave phase control circuitry to minimize power loss and reduce energy requirements.

    Compatibility: 60" Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

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  • Shutter Fan Hood

    SKU: WH

    Shutter Fan Hood

    Shutter fan hoods provide protection against harsh weather and severe wind! Additionally, these all-weather shutter fan hoods are constructed of galvanized steel to help extend the life of your shutter or fan. Shutter hoods ship unassembled.

    Fan Compatibility: Indoor/Outdoor Shutter Fans

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  • 56" Reversing with 10" Downrod

    SKU: DS190C7


    These efficient, economical fans circulate the air better than most other agricultural ceiling fans. They use less energy than a 100-watt light bulb and will end up paying for themselves in less than one year.

    Cubic Feet / Minute: 34,500
    Switch Requirement: 5-Fan Speed Control Reversing Switch

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  • 24" Oscillating Wall Mount Fan



    This 24" indoor/outdoor oscillating wall mount fan is a 3-speed, waterproof fan that runs with an especially quiet operation and has a 93º range of oscillation. Includes a wall mount bracket and 3-prong plug.

    Motor: 1/4 HP

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  • Heavy-Duty Oscillating Pedestal Fan

    SKU: PFB

    Heavy-Duty Oscillating Pedestal Fan

    In today’s market, many fans may look powerful and designed well, but only move a very little amount of air. However, this heavy-duty oscillating pedestal fan was designed to be efficient and perform well.

    Motor: 1/4 HP (20" & 24") or 1/2 HP (30")

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  • Stainless Steel 4-Way Misting Cross

    SKU: SS36S

    Stainless Steel 4-Way Misting Cross

    When air exchange and fan recirculation is not enough to cool your environment, consider this stainless steel cross, 4-way misting system. This misting system comes completely assembled.

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UL Waterspray Tested & Approved - Moisture, Dust, Corrosion and Heat Resistant

Our line of horse barn fans is manufactured for tough conditions. These fans are built for agriculture and have been proven in the industry to stand up to the tough conditions of equine and other wet, dusty or extreme heat areas. 

The benefit to having our horse barn fans is they will circulate the air in your horse barn and your horses will love you for it. Many other horse owners, rehabilitation facilities, and veterinarians use our fans every day to keep their horses cool.

The ceiling fans are energy efficient, running on less energy than a 100-watt light bulb. When used with an existing cooling or heating system, the fans increase the efficiency of that system up to 30%. In less than one year, a commercial grade fan system can pay for itself in energy savings.

Our fans have been tested by horse owners and have proven their strength and reliability. These fans range from 1-3 years in manufacturer warranties and can stand up to heat, humidity, and condensation.