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Getting Ready for the Holiday’s!

December 13th, 2012

Owning a family business can push you into doing things that you never dreamed you could or would do! You may not know this, but at RAMM our family does it all ~ with the help of our wonderful employees! I truly believe we could be a pretty funny reality show if some one followed us all day!

Our following holiday pictures are the ‘out takes’ that we thought we would share with you and may put a smile on your face.  These are the ones that we don’t show, because…well you will see for yourself!  We hope you enjoy our ‘bloopers’ and that it gives you a break from this busy time of the year!

So James, Kristen and I took lights, decorations, and a bucket full of biscuits with treats and grain, out to the barn.. The horses definitely knew something was up! They were delighted to help us and ‘play’ with all of our props… I think we put the angel on that tree at least 10 times if not more! Thank you Wasabi for letting us know you and Caz are some of the ‘top’ angels in our family! (Caz loved the carrot bites!)


What ever it takes to get the right picture! So James is taking a picture of me taking a picture of the horses while Kristen diligently tries to get both horses to put their heads through the wreath! Sheww… that’a a run-on sentence! But you get the idea.

Finally, after picking the angel up many times…Kristen gets both Caz and Wasabi’s attention and James snapped the picture just as Kristen ducked out, just in time! YEAH!  Look at those sweet boys!

We had spent a few hours trying to get just the right shots. Next step ~Kristen brought her ‘light up’ candy canes and snow man… Have you ever tried to stand up candy canes with metal ends (meant to go into the ground) on a stall floor? You can see Wasabi is skeptical about the whole process, and Caz just thinks the candy canes look good enough to eat! Sorry Kristen for catching you in the action ‘pose’.


Awhh…tea time in the barn!  Would anyone like a spot of tea and crumpets? (We were actually all ready for some strong coffee).

And for the grand finale ~ one of the last shots…those pretty lit up candy canes all standing in a nice row…Yes, it was me! As I coaxed the horses to ‘smile for the camera’ they all fell over ~ just like domino’s!  OH MY!  I think we were exasperated at that point, but did get those candy canes standing back up and captured several great shots!  All in a day’s work at RAMM!

If you like this story and would like to see more of RAMM’s behind the scene pictures and stories, let me know your thoughts! We wish you a fun and light hearted  Holiday! 

Happy Halloween-From Ramm Fence

October 31st, 2012

Casanova, better known as ‘Caz’ decided to get dressed for the occasion. He wants to be sure that you and any goblins in your barn, have a fun and safe halloween!

Casanova from the Ramm Barn.

It’s Tea Time with the Horses and Donkeys

September 27th, 2012

Chilly days and warm hearts. Would you like to come join us for a spot of tea?

Ramm Fence Horse Barn

Cazanova, Wasabi and David are enjoying some tea and snacks.

Our Horse’s Wasabi and Casanova Playing in the Paddock

April 19th, 2012

They always have a great time playing outside, and the weather has been cooperating this week. Summer is almost here!