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Relationship From Customers to Friends | Customer Service

January 9th, 2012

I’m thankful for the many blessings that we have received at RAMM from our customers.

In the beginning of 2011 we witnessed many storms across our country. Several customers told us about these incredible storms and damage that occurred to their homes and farms. Others sent us pictures to show us how their fencing withstood the high winds of tornados and floods. One particular customer sent in a picture of their barn roof that had fallen on the fencing and posts ~ all the while the fencing actually held the roof from completely falling to the ground! Many trees and large limbs from high winds fell ~ one customer actually had 2 storms that hit their farm, two different times. After the trees were cut and removed, the fence was retensioned without any major repair. We were all so glad to hear that many farms pulled through and our hearts ached for the ones that struggled.

Some of our customers share their lives with us when we help them with their equine farm and barn planning. Friendships have formed and we no longer feel the great distances between states or even countries. Ireland, Africa and Germany are not as far away as we once thought. Even though the miles are between ~ we find that horse owners share that common passion that gets in our blood and never leaves us! Face book, g+ and social media has brought many people together to share good stories and ideas that help everyone. We are thankful for the people and customers that we meet daily on a local basis and through out the world!

In the spring of 2011 our customers were excited about their new foals that were born. Some were everything that the owners expected, and some were born with surprising color, sprit and size! We feel like we are a part of your families when we see the ‘baby pictures’ on an almost monthly basis! One of our customers searched to find just the right ‘minis’ for their barn. Although they already had horses, the idea of having 2 mini donkeys sounded like fun. That dream became a reality in fall -2011. After bringing the darling mares home, one morning the 2 mini donkeys became 3! The owner was shocked and surprised to see a tiny foal beside its mother, healthy and happy! We were all excited about the news and love to see pictures of ‘Skip’ often.


We have been blessed to hear the many stories of people that have taken in rescue horses and nursed them back to health. And on the flip side – we have met and feel so close to people like ‘Marsha Craig that takes ‘Lily’, a Registered Mini Therapy horse to countless hospitals, nursing homes and hospice to bring joy to everyone that touches her fuzzy little mane. Kind hearts such as these are what teaches us what its all about to give of ones self ~ to become selfless and give to others.


As our year progressed we were blessed to meet many customers through out the United States that have sent photos of their horses to us in their new Ramm fencing and Stalls! We love putting a face with the name and appreciate those of you that have taken the time to drop us a note and send pictures. One family installed their fencing together and now have stories about the project. We followed the progress with them from beginning to end! Its moving to see families working together and enjoying their horses!


We look forward to this New Year, 2012. With all of its challenges and yet wonderful gifts that await us all. We are horse owners. Times may have changed, yet we still hold onto our horses that have been diversely used through out history. From transportation, to helping in the fields, for sport and advancement of disciplines in the show rings achieving world championships – young 4-H’ers and the old horsemen and women will always have their horses in their blood… Our family and staff of Ramm strive to help the equine industry- and will always find ways to give you safer alternatives for your horses farm and barn! We wish you a prosperous and Happy 2012!

A Happy Customer Review from Misty Blue

March 16th, 2011

We were thrilled to see this wonderful review of our fencing by one of our recent customers. She commenetd on RAMM at the Chronicle of the Horse



when i was farm shopping, i called RAMM fencing. They were awesome, stayed on the phone with me for over an hour answering my every question. I never bought my own farm, but they’ve left a lasting impression on me so that when that day comes, my farm is getting RAMM fencing.

I went with Ramm too. Have been ever since. (ask to have one of their free catalogs sent to you. Has a lot of worksheets/etc for planning out your fencing down to the last nail *and* last penny. Awesome bonus!) Beyond fabulous customer service, excellent products, safe/strong fencing, etc. They were so good they stayed on the phone with us ALL day on a Saturday and talked us through putting it up! (Mr Blue and I are fencing-challenged) My fencing is: top rail 4.25″ 3 wire flex fence 4 “rails” 5/16 coated wire 1 line electric braid with plug in charger 6″ line posts and 8″ brace/corner/end/gate posts. Rounds. It is simple to install. Unfortunately for us…Mr Blue and I are REALLY simple. We got it up, augered post holes and tamped/filled them, put up all the fencing except for the electric ourselves. And it held and was effective and safe for 6 years. looked like a blind drunk person put it up. We couldn’t get straight fence lines to save our lives and we put the fence on the wrong side of the posts. On purpose. We thought it look nicer. Erm, dumb idea. We had a fencer come in last spring and re-do the whole shebang for us, ripping everything out and putting it back up straight and the right way. (bracing corners and gates and the posts were pounded this time…MUCH better!) And now it’s as beautiful as it is safe and effective. Basically no maintenance. And *tough.* Even when we had it up on crooked and eventually loose/leaning posts it kept my fence testing pissy large mare contained and unharmed despite her best efforts at tearing it down or trying to maim herself on it. I watched her charge that fence, through her head up and chest out so she could ram through it (I told you, pissy mare LOL) and hit the fence full force at a pretty high rate of speed. That poorly put up fence bowed out and tossed her back inside the paddock on her opinionated tuckus easy-as-pie without a scratch on her or the fence. All 1600+ lbs of cheesed off mare, held her in no problem.

Ramm Stalls at the Hillside Meadows Equestrian Center

March 10th, 2011

Sometimes, just looking at pictures of some of our past stall jobs, gets the imagination flowing. Back in 2010, RAMM was honored to provide new stalls for a large project at Hillside Meadows Equestrian Center in Grafton, Massachusetts. Our Account Manager, Veronica Golbinec, worked closely with Ron Ernenwein to bring his vision to life. The result? A facility that is not only beautiful, but one that manages to be majestic at the same time! We invite all of our readers to visit Ron’s site and see for yourself.

Ron has a fantastic look at his project from the very beginning to the end here:


Hillside Meadows Equestrian Center is a 70-acre, full-board Hunter/Jumper facility offering training, instruction, showing, coaching, and sales.  It provides 70 acres of grass paddocks and pastures. Visit them on the web here.

Lily | Registered Therapy Horse | Trained Horses

March 9th, 2011

From one of our customers comes this heartwarming tale!

“I had been sole care giver to my mom since 1999. In 2008 she suffered a major stroke and after a brief stay in the hospital I brought her home with the aid of Hospice. Mom didn’t believe she was home, so I brought Lily into the house; at this time Lily was six months old. Bringing Lily into the house convinced mom she was indeed home.

The bedroom was small and had very tight quarters and Lily navigated the unfamiliar space without any sign of fear. That’s when I got the thought to train her as a therapy animal. I clicker trained her for the next year before attending a two-day human workshop held by Delta Society, an International organization.

In November 2009, Lily and I arrived at Tufts Vet School for our evaluation process and we both passed, me at the age of 64 and Lily at 1-1/2 years old. We are presently doing room to room visitations at two Golden Living Center nursing homes – Chetwynde in West Newton, Mass, and Wedgemere in Taunton, Mass. Both facility visits last approximately one hour. We also visit the Brockton VA Hospital, Building 4 with our visits lasting 3 hours and just recently star ted visiting their Spinal Cord Unit. Lily is a smidge over 29” tall and rides in the back or our Grand Caravan. It isn’t often in these times that there are what we call “feel good” stories. We We look forward to more stories – keep up the great work.”

Like that picture of Lily in her shoes? That’s Lily in her ‘Build a Bear’ shoes that were too big for her. She wears these so she does not slip around when going to see patients.