Ramm Stalls at the Hillside Meadows Equestrian Center

March 10th, 2011

Sometimes, just looking at pictures of some of our past stall jobs, gets the imagination flowing. Back in 2010, RAMM was honored to provide new stalls for a large project at Hillside Meadows Equestrian Center in Grafton, Massachusetts. Our Account Manager, Veronica Golbinec, worked closely with Ron Ernenwein to bring his vision to life. The result? A facility that is not only beautiful, but one that manages to be majestic at the same time! We invite all of our readers to visit Ron’s site and see for yourself.

Ron has a fantastic look at his project from the very beginning to the end here:


Hillside Meadows Equestrian Center is a 70-acre, full-board Hunter/Jumper facility offering training, instruction, showing, coaching, and sales.  It provides 70 acres of grass paddocks and pastures. Visit them on the web here.

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  1. Ian writes:

    I i never thought about the subject in the way you do, this gives it all a new perspective that makes 1 wonder in the event that there are more in between heaven and earth that one would believe, thanks for the input and keep them coming, I will watch and read each time for sure!

  2. debbie writes:

    We appreciate your good comments! It helps us to know that as we share our thoughts with you, we are touching on things we all think or feel, but don’t always say or talk about! Thanks so much! Debbie

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