Interlocking Rubber Mat Kits


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Choose this option to eliminate deciding on which components you need to cover your horse barn floors. These interlocking mat kits take out all of the guesswork and come as a nice, ready to assemble kit.

*Sale pricing is only for our FOB from Swanton, OH.

Interlocking Rubber Mat Kits
Item Description

Interlocking mats will give you the appearance and performance of a one-piece floor, except are at a much lower cost and are easier to install. Each piece is precision cut for exact size, requires no adhesive for installation, and are easy to maintain.

Interlocking stall mats prevent common problems that occur with straight edge mats such as: pulling apart, moving around, or having to remove mats to clean underneath them. Excellent for many different uses such as stalls, wash and grooming areas, farrier areas, treatment areas, barn aisles, and even trailer flooring.

Features & Benefits: Anti-fatigue, Durable in All Weather Conditions, Reduces Animal Back and Leg Strain, Reducing Bedding Costs, Reduces Cleaning Costs and Time, Easy Installation, and Heavy-Duty Long Lasting Durability.


Kit Breakdowns:

10'x10' Kit (SMI10L x4, SMI8 x1)

10'x12' Kit (SMI10L x2, SMI10R x2, SMI16 x1)

12'x12' Kit (SMI10L x2, SMI10R x2, SMI16 x2)

12'x14' Kit (SMI10L x2, SMI10R x2, SMI16 x3)

14'x14' Kit (SMI10R x4, SMI16 x4, SMI8 x1)


- I ordered the mats for my barn and they arrived as scheduled, just like you said!

- I recently put down a non-slip concrete outside my barn. Waste of time on my part. After speaking with Ramm we decided to buy interlocking mat kits to cover the concrete areas. They are fairly simple to install and look amazing. I never would have though about doing this on the exterior of my barn but i'm glad I went this route.

- We opted to do the interlocking stall mats in the aisle of our barn. I just love them. It was very easy to install and has made a world of difference in the appereance of the barn and improved the safety of the horses now that we dont have bare concrete in the walk way.

- We love these mats. They are heavy duty. and easily lock together. Well worth the investment.

- We use to use the stall mats that you can purchase in our local farm supply store and would have to replace them about every 2-3 years. Then, when the store was out of them and would not get their next shipment in for another 2 months, we turned to RAMM to get stall mats for out horse stalls... We have had these for 12 years now and have not had to replace or repair them.... What a great product to invest in!