8' Track and Ring Conditioner


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Blade, angle, pitch, s-tines are all adjustable to allow for conditioning arenas based on specific disciples and horse training abilities. Compact lightweight design make them easier to pull than other models.

8' Track and Ring Conditioner
Item Description

Great for large or small tracks, rings, courses, courts and arenas

Easy to maneuver in tight corners

Adjustable blade - both pitch and angle, blade stays at a level plain and floats on footing material keeping the tines at a consisten depth

6 Depth adjustable double ended tines for twice the usage and easy to replace

3 point hitch mount and A frame design for strength and durability

Moves enough material to fill in holes and take out high posts in arenas

- We have been using this T&R for over 10 years now. I would not own anyother on the market. with the exception of purchasing tines everynow and again, it has paid for itself countless times. Being a boarding facility with horses in and out of areas daily- inside and outdoor- we probably put more "miles" on ours than most people. One of the best investments we ever made! JL

- The track and ring conditioner is a perfect drag for just about anyone. It's very easy to hook up and it does an awesome job. The best part is, is that it was half the cost of others on the market!