ElectroBraid™ Fence Chargers

  • ElectroBraid® 2 J AC Low Impedance Charger

    SKU: EAC50M-EB

    ElectroBraid® 2 J AC Low Impedance Charger

    The ElectroBraid 2 joules AC Low Impedance fence charger is specially designed to be used, in conjunction with ElectroBraid, to contain horses. This charger powers up to 50 miles of standard, steel fence, and 25 miles of ElectroBraid.

    Output: 2.0 joules
    Coverage: 200 acres / 25-50 miles of wire

    Product Details

ElectroBraid™ fence chargers are one of the most advanced ultra-low impedance chargers available. Chargers power through wet and heavy weeds. Flashing light shows the unit is on. Chargers are UL-listed and have a plug-in, 110-120 volt AC plug. The chargers are non-conductive weather resistant - they have an easy to mount plastic cabinet, and they have a double insulated barrier. 2 yr limited mfg. warranty covers damage by lightning.