Horserail Flex-Fence Accessories

Horserail is a total system with accessories made especially for proper installation. Accessories include: Buckles - to join rails and attach to end-posts. The buckles provide safety, strong maintenance, and a good looking solution for rail connections. All buckles are double-coated, hot-dipped galvanized, and powder coated. Brackets - that give the fence installation a clean, neat appearance. They are designed to provide optimum holding power while at the same time causing minimal friction, when the fence expands and contracts during various weather conditions.

Spoolers - designed as a simple and economical way to tension the rail. Spoolers provide a clean, neat look while being safe for both horse and rider. There is no stripping, crimping, and nothing more is needed.

The end result is a properly tensioned fence with unexposed wires. All spoolers are double-coated, hot-dipped galvanized and powder coated. All accessories make installation smoother than others.