Tinned Copper Lead-Out Wire

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Tinned copper lead-out wire produces excellent electrical conductivity by connecting ground rods together, the energizer to the ground rods and fence, and to go under gates.

Fence Compatibility: Braid

Tinned Copper Lead-Out Wire
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Tinned Copper wire offers excellent electrical conductivity for the ElectroBraid® horse fence. Use it for connecting ground rods together, connecting energizer to ground rods, connecting energizer to the fence, to go under gates and for all connection

Note: A simple rule of thumb is to match your length of fence to 1/10 the energizer’s rating. Part of the reason is that you will be electrifying 3 or more strands of ElectroBraid™. Only use a low impedance energizer that is UL or CSA approved. Never use an energizer labeled, weed burner. Use of cable ties will prevent lead-out wire from breaking due to vibration.