Gates and Latches

  • 2" Powder-Coat Painted Gate

    SKU: BTG


    This 2" Powder-Coated gate is built to withstand the most damaging conditions from your horses to weather elements. Long-lasting, smooth UV resistant powder-coating finish in a highly-visible red.

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  • 2" Hot-Dipped Galvanized Gate



    The ultimate in tough, long lasting gates - Extra heavy 11-gauge vertical brace for added durability. Completely hot-dipped galvanized after fabrication for coverage inside and out of the gate.

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  • 2" Galvanized Gate

    SKU: GTG


    Ideal for feed lots, large herd containment and crowding situations, these gates will withstand almost anything your horses or livestock can throw at them. The galvanized finish is ideal for rough elements and inclement weather.

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  • 1-5/8" Galvanized Gate

    SKU: 81GTG


    These 1 5/8" galvanized gates will withstand almost anything your horses or livestock can throw at them. The galvanized finish is ideal for warm humid climates and takes the rugged abuse from the elements.

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  • Gate Anchor

    SKU: 2178

    Gate Anchor

    The gate anchor is like having an extra pair of hands when you need them most. The gate anchor keeps the gates in place, while you are moving horses, cattle or farm equipment through the gate opening. Also helps prevent the gate from sagging.

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  • Gate Wheel

    SKU: GW

    Gate Wheel

    Allow your fence gates to open smoothly and without any effort with the gate wheel attached to the bottom of the gate. It works with multiple size round tube gates. The gate wheel does all the work and prevents your gates from bottoming out.

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  • 2-Way Locking Latch

    SKU: 2175

    2-Way Locking Latch

    This two-way lockable gate latch is easy to install and is an awesome convenience for your gate! This gate latch prevents your fence gates from swinging and sagging. Additionally, it can be operated from horseback and accepts padlocks.

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  • 1-Way Locking Latch

    SKU: 2177

    1-Way Locking Latch

    Help prevent your horse fence gate from sagging and dragging on the ground with our one-way gate latch. This latch accepts padlocks to help secure your livestock and keep out unwanted visitors. Padlocks are sold separately.

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  • Gate Latch Bolt Kit

    SKU: 4BK

    Gate Latch Bolt Kit

    Make sure your locking gate latches stay in place and are secured properly with this lag bolt kit. If the latch falls off of the post, then that latch does no one any good. Galvanized steel lag bolts have great corrosion resistance.

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  • 2" Gate Hinge Hardware Kit

    SKU: 2180


    This heavy-duty hinge hardware kit is made for 2" round tube gates. It connects your fence gate to either wooden round or square end posts. These hinges allow your round tube fence gate to swing in both directions for easy access.

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  • Quick Chain Latch

    SKU: KLG

    Quick Chain Latch

    Our quick chain latch opens with ease – one hand on horseback or off; wrapping around the post and gate, then hooks on itself. This latch is made of heavy-duty galvanized steel and a welded chain.

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  • Swing Gate Latch Kit

    SKU: 1302*

    Swing Gate Latch Kit

    The quick latch is made out of galvanized steel and features a spring loaded locking ring to keep your horse swing gate closed. It wraps around your swing gate frame and attaches back on it's self.

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  • Swing Gate Hinge Kit

    SKU: 1301*

    Swing Gate Hinge Kit

    This hinge kit attaches our half or full swing gates to wooden or metal support posts. It works with both the grilled swing gate and the mesh swing gate. The drop-in pins allow easy installation and removal of the gate.

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Heavy-duty farm-grade horse gates, available in 6’, 10’, 12’ and 16’ lengths. Available painted or galvanized. All gates are 4" shorter than listed to allow for gate hardware and proper clearance.

RAMM gates are completely dipped after fabrication to cover every bit of the gate inside and out with a thick coat of corrosion-resistant zinc. Our hot-dipped tube gates are the ultimate in tough, durable and long lasting gates. Zinc physically bonds to the steel for unequalled protection against wear and weathering.

Our gates are 50” high and the tubing is 2” 16-gauge Hot-Dipped Galvanzied.

RAMM Tip: Consider using stone screenings where your most used gates are located. In inclement weather, your ground will be firm, and not muddy, for turnout.