Window Grills

  • Hinged Window Grills

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    Hinged Window Grills

    With the hinged grilled window you have the peace of mind that your horse stall window will be protected from your horses. The hinges make it great and functional for you to be able to clean your windows or open them to let some fresh air in.

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  • Welded Window Grill

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    Welded Window Grill

    Protect your expensive glass windows with our welded grilled window frames. The bars are welded to the window frame to add durability and strength, and to protect your horses with a close bar spacing, so their hooves won't get trapped.

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  • Grilled Window Kit

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    Grilled Window Kit

    Protect your horse stall windows with our standard grilled window kits. These kits will stop your horses from kicking out your expensive glass windows. If a bar gets bent or breaks, it can be replaced very quickly and easily unlike welded systems.

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Window grills are a great addition to any horse stall that has or will have windows. Having window grills are great in horse stalls, because they allow for better ventilation and let in more light. Those are the only two benefits to having window grills; they protect your windows from your horses' kicking or knocking into them. This alleviates most possiblites of injuries pertaining to windows, and nothing is worse than an unexpected vet visit or house call.

Horses can be in their stalls for long periods of time and they tend to get a little curious. Protect your horses from their own stall windows with our grilled window frames. Choose from either welded grills for superior strength or our standard window grills that can be replaced if bent. We also offer a two-piece window grill that has a solid frame and then a hinged insert, so you can open it up and clean behind it. All of the grilled window frames are made out of 14-gauge, heavy-duty galvanized steel and the bars are 7/8" 16-gauge steel. The bars are spaced 3.25" on-center for safety.