Pro-Line Stall Accessories

  • Pro-Line Door Hardware Kit

    SKU: 1100

    Pro-Line Door Hardware Kit

    This hardware kit includes everything you need to connect your sliding grill top door to your Pro-Line horse stall front. The kit also includes an 8' long square track along with all the hardware needed. Wood is not included – hardware only.

    Compatibility: Pro-Line Stalls

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  • Pro-Line Stall Feed Opening Kit


    Pro-Line Stall Feed Opening Kit

    The Pro-Line stall feed openings allow you to feed your horses from outside of your stalls quickly and efficiently without ever having to step inside of the stall. They will add both functionality and beauty to your stall fronts!

    Compatibility: Pro-Line Stalls

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  • 7/8" Stall Grill Bar

    SKU: BAR34


    These 16-gauge, 7/8" galvanized horse stall grill bars are both economical and rugged. They can be easily removed from the grillwork, allowing you to be able to customize your stalls down the road or if you move they can increase your property value!

    Compatibility: Pro-Line & Standard Stalls

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  • Rubber Grommets


    Rubber Grommets

    Our heavy-duty rubber grommets are placed in between each grill channel and horse stall bars. These rubber grommets are made of a heavy grade plastic, designed to keep the bars in place and stopping them from rattling. Sold in packs of 50.

    Compatibility: Stall Grill Bars

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Our Pro-Line horse stall kits are very affordable and economical stall system. The Pro-Line series focuses on functionality and providing your horses with a safe place to live and sleep. We do offer a small variety of accessories with our Pro-Line series, to cater to those who would like a little more, but are still on a fixed budget. We offer wall braces to strengthen your walls, post edging, so your horses can't crib on the exposed wood edges and much more. We try to cover a wide variety of our customers needs with our horse stall accessories.