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  • Pro-Line Grill-Top Door Kit

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    Pro-Line Grill-Top Door Kit

    The Pro-Line grill-top door kit includes everything you need for assembly, except for wood inserts. This smooth sliding door has a grill-top section to allow extra (much-needed) ventilation for your horses.

    Compatibility: Pro-Line Stalls

    Product Details

The Pro-Line horse stall doors comes standard with a top grill section. This provides superior ventilation in each equine stall. The frame of the door is made from 14 gauge steel and the bars are made from 16 gauge, 7/8" tubing. Both are galvanized steel which provides quality rust protection from the elements.

Each door comes in a kit which needs to be assembled. This allows us to price the Pro-Line stall doors at an affordable price, while providing the look, strength, durability and features of a higher priced stall door. The kit can be quickly and easily assembled with the detailed directions that are provided. The kit comes with everything you need, except the wood, which can be purchased from RAMM for an additional price. (*Most people purchase their wood locally to help save on price and shipping costs.)