Pro-Line Stall Fronts

  • 12' Pro-Line Stall Front

    SKU: PL12A0S

    12' Pro-Line Stall Front

    Our 12' Pro-Line stall front package is made in the USA! Our talented fabricators take pride in their work. This stall package mounts to the front of your support posts and include everything you need. This is a high quality DIY stall package.

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  • 10' Pro-Line Stall Front

    SKU: PL10A0S

    10' Pro-Line Stall Front

    This complete stall front kit comes with everything you need to install a safe, economical stall. These stall fronts are made from heavy-duty 14-gauge steel. They are easy to install and mount to the front of your support posts. Wood not included.

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Our Pro-Line horse stall fronts is one of our of most popular and affordable farm-tested stall lines that have a galvanized finish made through electro-galvanization. These kit stalls are made to be a high-quality, yet economical horse stalls and can come in either 10' or 12' stall fronts. They have a 14-gauge steel body with 7/8", 16-gauge steel bars, so they will have a long and prosperous life with great rust protection. Installation is made to be easy, so the kit comes with detailed instructions and all the screws needed.