Half-Swing Mesh Gate Kit


This Welded heavy-duty mesh swing gate lets your horses socialize with horses are passing through the aisles and in their stalls. Mounts inside of your support posts and opens inward into the stalls.

Compatibility: Welded Stalls

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Half-Swing Mesh Gate Kit
Item Description

This Welded heavy-duty mesh swing gate is an economical way to let your horses socialize with other horses in their stalls and that pass by in the aisle-ways. Mounts to the inside of your support posts and opens inward into the stalls. Provides tons of fresh air.

*Note: Must be installed with wood or metal support posts. Wood lumber is not included in the kit. We recommend tongue and groove wood for all of our horse stall systems.

- We love our new stalls! They are more than I imagined they would be. We went with the Modulars because we want to move them in the future. They are able to move but also very heavy and sound when in use. Thank you! Mary L.-WI

- With Ramm's Proline Stalls, I was able to provide my horses and my barn with everything I needed to complete a safe, affordable, quality, beautiful finished product. I did it all with the ease of the online ordering, too. I wouldn't recommend any other company.

- Hi Michelle, I haven't taken pictures yet, but I will. It is a PERFECT match to the other stall. You can't tell which one is the old one and which is new. My brother-in-law was also impressed when me moved the 2 way connectors and installed the 3 way that the 2 way had no corrosion or rust anywhere on them after being exposed to the "horse elements" for over a year. Thanks! Patti