New Arrivals

  • 14" Basket Fan

    SKU: 14BFW


    Our 14" indoor/outdoor basket fan is the smaller version of our most popular 18" basket fan. This 1/8 HP fan is designed especially for agricultural use. It has a totally enclosed motor with sealed ball bearings, so it can be used in wet locations!

    Motor: 1/8 HP

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  • Stall Grid


    Stall Grid

    The Stall Grid flooring system is great for horse walkers, paddock areas, round pens, and indoor/outdoor arenas! Having this system installed can lead to improvements in your horse(s)'s health with the Stall Grid's shock absorbing technology.

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  • Grooming Gloves

    SKU: GG

    Grooming Gloves

    The HandsOn gloves allow you to achieve a professional grooming/bathing experience, while naturally bonding with your animal! The scrubbing nodules provide a non-slip, deep-and-thorough clean and are the best de-shedders on the market.

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  • Heavy-Duty Oscillating Pedestal Fan

    SKU: PFB

    Heavy-Duty Oscillating Pedestal Fan

    In today’s market, many fans may look powerful and designed well, but only move a very little amount of air. However, this heavy-duty oscillating pedestal fan was designed to be efficient and perform well.

    Motor: 1/4 HP (20" & 24") or 1/2 HP (30")

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  • Oscillating Wall Mount Fan


    Oscillating Wall Mount Fan

    The indoor/outdoor wall mount fan is an oscillating, three-speed, waterproof fan with quiet operation. This oscillating fan includes a wall mount bracket and no electrician is required.

    Motor: 1/4 HP

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  • Shutter Fan


    Shutter Fan

    This shutter fan is a durable agriculture grade exhaust fan – perfect for barn and building peaks, greenhouses, warehouses and more. These shutter fans come with a cord so it's a "No Electrician Required" installation.

    Motor: 1/10 HP (12") or 1/3 HP (20")

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Here at RAMM Horse Fencing & Stalls we are always trying find the best equine solutions for our customers. The new products we add are to help increase efficiency and safety for you and horses. 

Take a look at one of our newest arrivals, the 18" basket fan, that's specifically designed for agricultural use and safety. It has an enclosed motor that is thermally protected and waterproof to prevent barn/arena fires!

Also, be sure to check out our Lighthoof mud management panels; they may be the solution you are looking for concerning muddy areas on your farm that can cause many physical and health issues for horses. 

We devote the time and effort towards research and development to ensure your horses are always safe!