• Part 2 -Finishing Our Fencing Project at RAMM Horse Fencing and Stalls

    Part 2 -Finishing Our Fencing Project at RAMM Horse Fencing and Stalls

    I wondered if I could truly believe that the fencing would be finished within the week. Everywhere I looked there were posts in the ground and string lines everywhere!

  • Do Your Homework

    Do Your Homework

    Twenty-two years ago, Debbie and Mike Disbrow finally found their dream property they planned to keep their horses on. Unfortunately, the former owner bred hunting dogs and not horses.

  • Summer Safety

    Summer Safety

    For many horse owners, summer is the favored time of year. Blue skies and sunny days mean more opportunities to be out with our equine friends. Planned rides, shows and events fill the calendar.

  • Stall Options

    Stall Options

    Horse housing has come a long way since the days of tie stalls. The standard is now roomy, comfy box stalls with better ventilation, better lighting and more options than ever before!

  • Automatic Waterers

    Automatic Waterers

    If you have looked into watering options and feel that it's time for a permanent solution, automatic waterers may be the answer you're looking for. Automatic waterers allow your horses get the fresh water they need without constantly filling their buckets.

  • Whoa: Getting Your Horse to Stop

    Whoa: Getting Your Horse to Stop

    How many times have you tried to stop your horse and said ''whoa'', but nothing happened? Maybe you pulled back on the reins to stop, and you stopped but your horse didn't. Stopping is the most important thing that your horse should know.

  • First-Time Riders

    First-Time Riders

    Many people know that I have had horses for years. And like me, I'm sure you get frequent requests from people who want to ride your horses.

  • Feeding: Choosing the Right Equipment For the Job

    Feeding: Choosing the Right Equipment For the Job

    Feeding is a time-consuming task that must be done twice a day, seven days a week. It can be a messy, daunting chore, but it must be done. Cold weather can make it especially tough!

  • Watering: Tips to Keep You Out of the Freeze

    Watering: Tips to Keep You Out of the Freeze

    Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year. It is so invigorating to get out on the trails, ride in the crisp air and view the splendor of the changing leaves. The horses feel better and the change in the air seems to put them in a better mood.

  • 1" Flex-Fence

    1" Flex-Fence

    This article is the second in a series profiling different fencing options and the situations they are well suited for. Last month we covered electric tape, how it works, why it works and things to consider when using this type of fence. This month we'll cover 1 inch flex-fence and some of its applications.