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See below for a small sample of the many customer compliments and testimonials that we have received over the years. These compliments and testimonials are the words and thoughts of our customers only - they remain unedited.

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  • Steve Schiffman

    Steve Schiffman

    "Thanks for your help and patience. The vinyl fence went up with ease. My two volunteers and I installed the vinyl in about three hours. After the fence posts were cut, we made a template of where the brackets went on the posts, which proved to be very time efficient. The installation of the rails and tightening were the easiest part. The two wider vinyl rails for a jumping arena proved cost efficient and effective. The horses respect it and the rail itself is very safe in regards to falls. You do not have pictures of what was there before, but it was a very old roping arena with railroad tie posts and 6'x6' mesh. It was dangerous and not impressive. Everyone who visits the barn is impressed by the new arena, which has virtually changed the image of the facility. You know we have mostly young girls learning about equestrian riding, and the safety of the fencing for the kids (and also the horses) was the most important factor. Your advice and service was the best." - Steve Schiffman
  • Terri Haynie

    Terri Haynie

    "I just wanted to let you know that it has been a very positive experience dealing with your company, from the purchase, right on through installation and appreciation of final product. The fence, brown 1.5" Electric Tape on t-posts and wood posts, looks great against our fall tree line!! We didn't expect such a nice, clean, attractive appearance, but we got it. There were no problems electrifying it either. Just wanted to say thanks! We are really happy with it." - Terri Haynie
  • Warren Cormier

    Warren Cormier

    "I am writing to let you know how delighted I am with my RAMM Three-Rail PVC fencing. It is absolutely beautiful and adds significant value to my property. The RAMM gate system has made access to the paddocks a breeze. I also want to thank you all for making the ordering and delivery process so easy. We will enthusiastically recommend RAMM at every opportunity. Keep up the good work!" - Warren Cormier
  • Jason Wilds

    Jason Wilds

    "Aside from their great looks, I chose the Welded Stalls by RAMM Fence first and foremost because of their tremendous durability. As a horse trainer, I sometimes encounter those horses that choose to try out the facilities in a harsh way. I had to have strong stalls to withstand those tests, and the Welded Stalls do just that."Jason Wilds was born and raised in Brilliant, Alabama. Around horses his entire life, he decided to devote himself to them full-time after serving in the Army and working at a tractor implement manufacturing company for several years. After purchasing three horses, his wife encouraged him to pursue his dream of training, and Jason applied to the John & Josh Lyons Certification Program. After completing the program, Jason and his family converted their land into the Reining W Ranch. Jason now offers basic training, reining training, boarding, clinics and lessons at his facility. When it was time to choose stalls for his facility, Jason chose RAMM's Welded Stalls. Because he operates a training facility, Jason's barn sees many horses in and out, some that are harsh on his barn and stalls. He chose the welded stalls for their great looks and durability. To learn more about Jason and his services, visit his website at www.wildhorsemanship.com - Jason Wilds
  • Kathleen Hugh-Tuza

    Kathleen Hugh-Tuza

    "I love this fencing for the arena!!!! A neighbor has a couple of daughters who bring their horses over to practice before their 4-H shows. Anyway, the other day one of the horses began to act up and backed pretty hard into the fencing Instead of hitting a hard object and being startled, the fence gave a bit and put just enough pressure on its rump so it yielded its hind quarters around and she was able to move the horse forward. No spooked horse, no broken or loose boards. The Flex Fencing just bounced right back into line. Great stuff!!! I never knew my horses were part Beaver until they stripped the bark off many of our Cedar trees that were in their pasture. Well, the trees began to die so we had a fellow and his crew come in to take the trees out. They used an excavator to grab the trees and pull them out of the ground, roots and all. As the excavator was moving one of the logs into place I cringed as the end of the log was about to hit the fence's bottom rail. As the log pushed into the rail, the rail turned sideways. When he pulled the log back out to place it on the pile the rail returned to its original position. I turned to the owner of the company and said, 'Did you see that? If that had been a wood board it would have broke and you would have had to replace it.' He said, 'Yeah, that's neat. We replace many boards sometimes.' That Flex fencing is always surprising me." - Kathleen Hugh-Tuza