At RAMM Horse Fencing & Stalls, we value our close-working relationship with all of our customers and take pride in providing the very best customer service in our industry. When we receive a compliment or testimonial from a customer, we always seek their approval to publish their kind words and comments.

See below for a small sample of the many customer compliments and testimonials that we have received over the years. These compliments and testimonials are the words and thoughts of our customers only - they remain unedited.

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  • Caroline


    "I purchased your fencing from one of your February sales, and we have made an arena out of it. People/kids do not climb/sit on the fence rails, but the most important thing I can say about the rails is that they are so SAFE. I have had horses paw through the bottom rail and not get a scratch, I even had a girl taking lessons fall and hit her arm on the rail which gave and flexed so she only got a bruise and not a broken arm. If a horse bumps your leg into the rails, you hardly notice it, instead of a splinter getting into your leg or catching your pants. Plus, it does not bruise you, it simply flexes and you slide off it without any impact. It is very safe for the horses as everyone knows, but it is also very very safe for the rider as well. It was also easy to round the corners, which has saved more than one lesson child a quick stop at the end. I am so pleased with the arena. Thanks for making my place less of a liability." - Caroline
  • Dave and Jane Bohren

    Dave and Jane Bohren

    "What a pleasure it has been working with the people in your organization! Our first contact, was absolutely tenacious in making sure every detail was handled as was agreed. The gentleman who drew up our stall fronts, stall doors and Dutch doors did an absolutely remarkable job. Not only are they of the best quality and workmanship, when they arrived at our barn, it was as though they were built on site. We also want to thank you for all your personal expertise and time offered regarding lighting, heat, comfort stalls, footing for our indoor, terra-sorb dust control and last but not least, the arena drag purchase to maintain our arena. You and your company have made building our barn a wonderful success and from the bottom of our hearts - we thank you!" - Dave and Jane Bohren
  • Lisa O'Brien

    Lisa O'Brien

    "As a Holsteiner horse breeder with a growing business, I recently expanded into disused cow pastures. After thoroughly evaluating a variety of fencing materials and suppliers, I chose to purchase from RAMM Fence and received 'red carpet' treatment in planning my fencing needs. The neighboring farm also expanded, but they chose to purchase brand X from a local feed store. The difference in fence quality has been striking. I look across my safe and sturdy 4-rail Electric Tape fences and see their electric rope broken, frayed, and nonfunctional! I use RAMM Fence Electric Braid as well as tape, and both have withstood a variety of assaults from horses, cattle, intense sunlight, and even falling trees. Because of the high quality of RAMM Fence products, as well as the superior customer service, RAMM Fence can count on Seguin Sport horses as lifelong customers!" - Lisa O'Brien

  • Jeanne Van Nuys-Hitt, VMD

    Jeanne Van Nuys-Hitt, VMD

    “You have been so helpful to my husband Kerry and myself in deciding on and ordering our new paddock fencing. Thanks to you we are both very comfortable in our decision to install RAMM Flex-Fence. As a veterinarian who owns several warm bloods of her own and who has many clients who own valuable horses, safety is always of the utmost concern. I believe that your Flex-Fence will be ‘just what the doctor ordered.’ Thank you again. Kerry and I look forward to taking delivery on our fence and to our horses using it in good health.” - Jeanne Van Nuys-Hitt, VMD.

  • Lisa Hicks

    Lisa Hicks

    "I have been dealing with RAMM Fence for a year now, purchasing their wonderful Flex-Fence and stall systems. I am sure that I saved many hours and lots of money by using the Flex-Fence. It has turned my little farm into an eye-catching piece of property. I look forward to my continued business association with RAMM Fence." - Lisa Hicks