A Happy Customer Review from Misty Blue

March 16th, 2011

We were thrilled to see this wonderful review of our fencing by one of our recent customers. She commenetd on RAMM at the Chronicle of the Horse



when i was farm shopping, i called RAMM fencing. They were awesome, stayed on the phone with me for over an hour answering my every question. I never bought my own farm, but they’ve left a lasting impression on me so that when that day comes, my farm is getting RAMM fencing.

I went with Ramm too. Have been ever since. (ask to have one of their free catalogs sent to you. Has a lot of worksheets/etc for planning out your fencing down to the last nail *and* last penny. Awesome bonus!) Beyond fabulous customer service, excellent products, safe/strong fencing, etc. They were so good they stayed on the phone with us ALL day on a Saturday and talked us through putting it up! (Mr Blue and I are fencing-challenged) My fencing is: top rail 4.25″ 3 wire flex fence 4 “rails” 5/16 coated wire 1 line electric braid with plug in charger 6″ line posts and 8″ brace/corner/end/gate posts. Rounds. It is simple to install. Unfortunately for us…Mr Blue and I are REALLY simple. We got it up, augered post holes and tamped/filled them, put up all the fencing except for the electric ourselves. And it held and was effective and safe for 6 years. However..it looked like a blind drunk person put it up. We couldn’t get straight fence lines to save our lives and we put the fence on the wrong side of the posts. On purpose. We thought it look nicer. Erm, dumb idea. We had a fencer come in last spring and re-do the whole shebang for us, ripping everything out and putting it back up straight and the right way. (bracing corners and gates and the posts were pounded this time…MUCH better!) And now it’s as beautiful as it is safe and effective. Basically no maintenance. And *tough.* Even when we had it up on crooked and eventually loose/leaning posts it kept my fence testing pissy large mare contained and unharmed despite her best efforts at tearing it down or trying to maim herself on it. I watched her charge that fence, through her head up and chest out so she could ram through it (I told you, pissy mare LOL) and hit the fence full force at a pretty high rate of speed. That poorly put up fence bowed out and tossed her back inside the paddock on her opinionated tuckus easy-as-pie without a scratch on her or the fence. All 1600+ lbs of cheesed off mare, held her in no problem.

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