Planning Your New Year Horse Goals | A Message from Debbie

December 31st, 2009


Debbie walking Jack next to our RAMM Flex-Fence at the RAMM Equine Research & Development Farm.

Here it is again! New Years Eve. I just cannot believe that 2009 will be gone and 2010 will be here! But I look forward to it and hope that you do, too! I have gotten into the habit of taking a bit of time to think about the new year and plan my goals!

>      2009 was a year of tough decisions and buckling down.  It taught me to not take anything for granted and that hard work pays off! It has shown me that even when the toughest of times have to be endured, we can do it! The hard road’s give way to the realization of hope and helps to make us ‘think outside of the box”. Actually, the gray clouds bring me to the silver linings that give joy, peace and happiness to life!

>      This new year I plan on continuing to take dressage lessons on my sweet and challenging Halflinger, Wasabi.  He and I are learning all the fine points of how to walk and trot! I don’t mind the time that needs to be put into this discipline! I have ridden western, hunt seat, fox hunted, and driven. So now Im going back to the basics and want to learn what I should have from the beginning. Its so rewarding.

I hope you can learn something new with your horse this year, too!  I have a soon to be 4 yr. old that needs to just have time in the saddle so that we can do trail rides together and with my husband!  Also, a soon to be 2 yr. old that will get a saddle on his back for the first time and find out what its like to be ridden! I cannot wait to see this come to pass, as I have had him since he was just off of his mother’s side. I have been able to work with him from the beginning!

>      I would love to know what your goals with your horses are for the new year! I think that hearing about the accomplishments that we all have spark excitement and get us thinking about what would be fun to do – even if it’s just riding more or creating a schedule so that you can fit riding into that hectic life!


Horses bring us joy, and I hope you can put time with your hose into your New Year! I know I will!!  Have a Happy 2010!


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