Smooth Out The Moon | Track Arena Ring Conditioner

February 9th, 2011

Have you ever entered your schooling track or practice arena and felt like you were getting ready to ride on the surface of the moon? Craters, deep furrows, and road apples make for pretty uneven riding conditions. As you ask for the trot, your horse gives you the “roller coaster ride’; up and down, with a few trips and inconsistent rhythm thrown in to really make keeping your seat a challenge.

While you theoretically want to be able to ride and maintain balance on virtually any riding surface, any rider knows you need a smooth, conditioned surface to get the most out of the time you and your horse spend working together.

So how do you break down the hard clumps, eliminate the deep furrow along the rail or the wall, and level out the uneven ground? Spending hours of hand raking and hosing is like gardening without reaping the benefits. In fact, the next ride brings you right back to square one. Homemade drags can work well on the surface, but generally don’t do much to eliminate clumping or uneven areas.

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