Horse Fencing and Stall Considerations for Different Horse Breeds

January 29th, 2010

RAMM Flex-Fence at the RAMM Equine Research & Development Farm

Don’t you just love owning horses? I do, and I have been fortunate to have had many types, breeds, and sizes of horses. Unlike many others, I have not been loyal to one particular breed of horse. I do have my favorites, but horses are so diverse that it makes it interesting to work with all breeds and sizes. Which brings us to a subject that each of us will need to consider with our horses: what to look for when choosing fencing and stalls for your breed and size of horses.

We all know how different horses can be, even within their breed. As uniquely created as people, so are horses in personality and size. One common thread, however, is that they are able to think and react from the instinct of prey and predator (our horses being prey, and us as the predator). Also, in the threat of danger, (to our horses it could be plastic bag blowing in the wind), they are flight animals. These beautiful, strong animals need fencing and stalls (their homes), to fit their needs and protect them…


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