Preparing Your Horse Barn for Foal Season | Stalls

March 10th, 2011

It’s been almost eleven months now, and soon your mare will become a mother. Whether it’s her first, your first, or you’ve both gone through this before; it’s still an exciting event that has its share of expectations and preparations.
Due dates are an important thing to know, according to Jeannie Strain of Strains’ Thoroughbreds in Swanton, OH. Of course, due dates are never set in stone. Many a mareowner, on going out to feed in the morning, has been greeted with a surprise. However, a due date is a good gauge to go by for making final preparations for the birth.

If you are moving your mare into a foaling stall, put her in at least a week ahead of time to allow her to get used to her new home. Be especially vigilant when checking to make sure there is nothing for the foal to get hung up on in the stall. A gap between boards that a mare may not be able to get a leg through may be wide enough for a baby’s spindly legs. The bars in the grillwork should be spaced close enough to prevent a baby from getting his head or a leg caught.

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