Pro-Tek Electric Tape Fence—not your average electric fence

April 22nd, 2013

By : Karen Elizabeth Baril

Pro-Tek Electric Tape Fence—not your average electric fence

Take heart everyone! Spring is in the air. The bluebirds are back at the nesting boxes and the snowdrops and crocus are popping their tiny faces through the snow. Of course, as horse owners, we mark the coming of spring in non-traditional ways—like when we realize our jackets are covered in horse hair and the horses are, well—shall we say—a little fractious.

Speaking of fractious horses, spring is a good time to do a little fence maintenance or install new fencing. If you’re considering electric fencing, either as a stand-alone fence or as an effective way to reinforce solid fences, be sure to check out our Pro-Tek Electric Tape Fencing. Like all of our products here at RAMM, Pro-Tek Electric Fencing has been thoroughly field-tested. By our latest estimates, Pro-Tek has fenced in over 1,000,000 horses over the last 20 years. That’s a lot of happy customers. Why is it so popular?

If you think about it, quality electric fencing should be safe, durable, easy to install, and offer the same conductivity ten years from now as it does on the day you install it. Sounds simple, right? We thought so, too—but several years ago, we invested a lot of time and money into an electric fence system that lost its charge in just a few seasons. We did all the right things—installed the fence according to directions, kept the perimeter free of debris, and even bought a bigger and better charger, but all to no avail. Nothing would bring that charge back.

That’s when we did a little research and discovered a good reason for our fence ‘failure’.

Most electric fence manufacturers use copper wire to conduct the electricity. While it’s true that copper boasts superior conductivity, (over stainless steel) it oxidizes fast and because it’s a fairly soft metal, it stretches. As it stretches, the diameter of the wire decreases, reducing its ability to conduct electricity. In fact, copper begins to lose its charge on the day you install it.

Pro-Tek Electric Tape Fencing is different—it’s manufactured with stainless steel wire. Right out of the gate we knew we had a better product. Stainless steel wire does not lose conductivity so we’d have the same charge ten years from now as we have on the day we install it. Better yet, it’s strong enough to keep our horses in, but still forgiving enough to avoid injury should a horse do the inevitable—test the fence.

Let’s take a look at fence buying basics:


Electric horse fencing needs to:

  • Provide a physical barrier.
  • Provide a psychological barrier.
  • Be strong, but safe with appropriate break strength for horses. The question is not “if”, but “when your horse will test the fence. With that in mind, you need a fence that is strong enough to be safe, but is still forgiving if he gets caught up in it.
  • Be easy to install and maintain.
  • Provide an attractive addition to the farm.


So we did the research and discovered many of the products sold in the local feed and supply stores aren’t built to last for more than a few years at best. That’s frustrating, but fortunately, we have a better choice.

Pro-Tek Electric Tape Fencing offers:

  •  15 strands of 12 mil stainless steel wire (the widest diameter steel wire on the market for the highest conductivity) and 33 strands of 20 mil UV stabilized polyethylene monofilament for durability and long-lasting beauty.
  • 750 lb. break strength. That’s strong, but forgiving. Pro-Tek offers superior strength, but is still forgiving of those inevitable horse mistakes. With unique hardware built to swivel and break before the tape, making repairs is fairly easy.
  • Physical and psychological barrier. We like to say that Pro-Tek treats a horse like horses treat each other. The bite of electric is easily understood by most horses; it’s similar to a nip or bite from the alpha herd member. The 1.5” width provides the other half of the equation—the psychological barrier. Horses respect the Pro-Tek fence.
  • Durability. Ultra-violet (UV) protection against the sun’s damaging rays and the use of stainless steel wire give Pro-Tek its superior longevity. We back it with a 20-year limited manufacturer’s warranty on our 1.5” tape.
  • Ease of installation. We like to say that if you can use a hammer and nail, you can install our Pro-Tek Electric Tape fencing. Purchase in rolls of 330’, 660’, or 1320’ rolls.
  • Traditional beauty. Pro-Tek offers an aesthetic beauty comparable to traditional wood or vinyl fencing. Your choice of colors include white, black, or brown.
  • Variable use. Use as stand-alone fencing or to reinforce wood or vinyl fencing.
  • Cost savings. Pro-Tek is a less expensive alternative to wood, vinyl, or mesh.

Let’s face it, we’re not ranchers—we’re horse owners. Most of us have full time jobs away from the farm. We need products to work as well ten years from now as they do on the day we install them. With its combination of strength, effectiveness, beauty, and durability, Pro-Tek Electric Tape Fencing offers greater value to the horse owner. It’s the smart choice. Best of all, it’s made right here in America.

Check out Pro-Tek Electric Fence Tape on our website at and be sure to give us a call at 1-800-434-8456.

Debbie Disbrow and freelance writer Karen Baril (” ) have teamed up to write this article. If you have any comments, questions or ideas, we welcome them. Email us



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