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October 25th, 2012

Have you ever gotten into the work rut? I recently have and maybe you can relate. I find myself going from the computer to my phone messages back to facebook and then on to the endless ‘to do’ work list. Funny, all the devices we have at our fingertips to make life easier and I seem to be more bogged down than ever!

The iPad, Mac Book Pro and the iPhone. Picture from Apple.com

My greatest desire has been to be able to go to the barn at least 2-3 times a week. Other people I know with jobs and horses were able to get to the barn up to 5 times a week ~ yikes~ I needed to stop, sort out my priorities and carve out a little bit of time to be with my horses.  I have found that I am always happier at home and work better when I get this needed time.

The old Disbrow Family Barn

I decided to look at emails through out the day, but only answer the most important ones at the time I opened them. I group lower priority emails and then answer those at days end. By doing this, my work load is not automatically pushed over to the next day ~ which can defeat the purpose of making each day easier.

Email Overload. Picture from bakercommunications.com/blog

Facebook and other social media platforms can deplete you of needed hours in your day (and evening), so I have limited my time on them yet get to each ‘page’ to comment. If I need to spend more time than I planned, I make sure I do it early enough that Im not up with the night owl’s ~  oh that’s so easy to do!  So to get the sleep that I need, I tell myself that I cannot be on the computer at late hours.

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I pre-plan appointed times for meetings and specific phone calls with set time frames. That gives me greater freedom to know that I can still have time for ‘everything else’ in my work day. I have found people respect and like the time frames. When people know that there is a set amount of time for a discussion, points are made and the conversations become more efficient.

Picture from ataglance.com

By the way, I am earning enough time to be at the barn at least 2-3 times a week! Going to the barn early allows me to “have my horses and work load too!” And on top of that, I’m finding that I’m able to do more at work with a better attitude. Additionally, I had one of the best rides today that I have had in a long time.

I knew that before I walked through the barn doors, I had 2 horses to work and had already visualized a good outcome with each horse. On the drive to the barn I thought through what I wanted to accomplish with both horses and had a good plan that I could see in my minds eye. Two of the horses that I work are green ~ planning what we will work on is good for both them and myself!

Green Horses – Baxter and Hootie

Because I can see that good planning is helping me to do more of what I want and need to do, I encourage you to think about how you to can plan to spend more time with your horses. Take a little bit of time to think about what your doing that can be done more efficiently and allow you to have more time to spend at the barn.

I can guarantee that at the end of the day, you will be much more satisfied, happy and fulfilled because you are steering your day instead of just letting it all just ‘happen’ to you!

Have you found ways to be more efficient in your day so you can spend more time with your Equine Friends? Let me know what works for you. I truly hope you get some quality time with your horses this week! 

Horses at Sunset. Picture from picstopin.com

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