The Spirit of Buddy the Horse Lives On

July 19th, 2012

My name is Michelle and I am the account manager for Georgia, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Everyday I get to talk with our customers and hear different stories about them and their horses. One gentleman’s story particularly stood out to me. Rick, from Brooklet, GA told me the story about his horse, Buddy.

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Buddy was 23 years old when he passed from colic. Buddy had a great life with his owner and best friend, Rick. So much so, that he doesn’t seem to want to leave his side. Two days after Rick lost Buddy, he was standing on his front porch, close to Buddy’s pasture area. Thinking about how much he missed his horse, he heard a nicker. “I looked around for another horse and there was no horses around. I thought gee, Buddy is the only one of the four that would nicker at me,” stated Rick.

Rick went on with his daily routines, not hearing much from Buddy until about a month later when he was visiting him at his grave. Rick heard a whinny like no other, than his friend. He looked to the right where it came from and knew his neighbor didn’t have any horses. He looked over at his other horses and they were eating away. Rick thought to himself, “That whinny was loud, close by and sounded just like Buddy when he would whinny at me. I thought at this time, this is getting strange. So I told Buddy I’m coming out one night and taking a few pictures. I’m not going to plan it… just let it happen,” said Rick.

Buddy the Horse Grave Site

“Well, a week or so later I forgot to lock a gate. I had just got out of the shower so I had to get dressed and head back out. It was then when I decided I would take the pictures. As I walked though the gate, I put out my cigarette because it could interfere with the picture. What I didn’t know was the smoke was still lingering in the air. When I got to the gate that I had left unlocked, I locked it and took a picture. I though this picture would show something, if anything because that was where Buddy was kept for the last 8 months. I then turned around and took two pictures, just to the right of the tack room, in the direction of Buddy’s grave site. The first picture had nothing in it at all and the second one had a little smoke but nothing other than that. The third ended up full of smoke but also full of horses.”

Rick was surprised to see the shapes and different forms the lingering smoke made in the picture. Could this be the spirit of Buddy giving Rick proof that his best friend is closer than he thinks? At the horse loss group Rick belongs to, they talk together about their beloved animals, which have passed and remember to watch for them in any form they may show up.

“Why has this happened to me? I’m not sure but I believe I’m supposed to convey this on to all who have lost horses. There is a place where horses go, where their spirit lives on and stays near us,” say’s Rick.

Picture of Horse Spirit

Michelle Kurdys
Ramm Stalls and Horse Fencing
Account Manager

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