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November 16th, 2010

Gingerbread and Cocoa: The RAMM Reindeer

Gingerbread and Cocoa

This is a reprint of a popular article we ran last holiday season that talked about the famous RAMM reindeer.

Debbie Disbrow recently talked with this Mystery Reporter about two of the most unusual animals on her farm – her pair of reindeer! This is her interview.

MR: Hi Debbie. Let’s talk a bit about your reindeer. They always seem to be having such a good time. What are their names?

DD: Gingerbread and Cocoa.

MR: How did you name them?

DD: Gingerbread was already named when we got her; Cocoa was born here. We felt that everyone wants Cocoa with their Gingerbread, that’s how we came up with it!

MR: Where did they come from?

DD: The deer were originally born in New York. They were at the Cincinnati Zoo and on display when we purchased them. Our deer were ‘possibly expecting.’ With reindeer, the herds need to be left alone to breed; they are ‘private,’ so we were not sure if we had a baby on the way!

MR: Do you know their lineage? Does it go back to the North Pole? (laughs)

DD: I believe it must have started at the North Pole – why else would our reindeer today talk so much about their grandparents helping Santa? (laughs) But really, the Tundra is where most of our reindeer originate from.

MR: How old are they?

DD: Gingerbread is about 10 and Cocoa is 4.

MR: How much do they weigh?

DD: I’m guessing, but about 250 lbs. Our vet was just here and suggested that weight for worming purposes. We worm them just like the horses, however we do not use Ivermectin.


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