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January 19th, 2010

 RAMM Horse Fencing and Stalls has a variety of Farm & Barn Horse Waterers and Buckets.

If you have looked into watering options and feel that it’s time for a permanent solution, automatic waterers  may be the answer you’re looking for. Automatic waterers allow your horses get the fresh water they need without constantly filling their buckets. The units are permanently installed so horses cannot move them, and insulated models keep water from freezing. Today, there are many waterers available for both stalls and pastures.

RAMM stall waterers are designed to be mounted directly to the stall wall. Heavy-duty polyethylene covers protect horses from any risk of shock. Additionally, the slender shape and rounded edges make waterers free from sharp edges. Removable drain plugs allow for easy cleaning. The height of the waterer can be adjusted from 18″ to 41″ tall.

The waterers are thermostatically controlled. The heater turns on at a temperature of 42 degrees and off at a temperature of 52 degrees, keeping water from freezing. Be sure that when you are installing the waterer that waterlines run under the frost line. An insulated earth tube is great solution to keep water from freezing at the ground level. Water and valve hook-up kits are available with 6′ or 8′ hoses.


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