Chilly Thanksgiving Wagon Ride with Ramm’s Percheron Draft Horses

November 15th, 2010

Can you believe that November is already here? In Ohio, our weather is definitely taking a cold turn and snow flurries are in the forecast! Happy holiday memories always come to mind with the crisp weather and crunch of dry brown leaves under the horse’s feet. In our Oak Openings region, the tall green pine trees become very recognizable against the leafless oaks. The smell of pine fills the air and then we see the small white dots against the pine green of, yes, snow.

Thoughts of cranberry nut breads, turkeys in the oven, and warm fuzzy horse hugs fill my mind. And then I think about the times our family has spent together because of our wonderful horses….

Many years ago on Thanksgiving, I planned to have the big dinner and take our family and guests for a wagon ride with our two beautiful Percheron drafts. I remember planning out the dinner- making the grocery list 3 days before the big day, baking apple, pumpkin and mince meat pies made the day before, as well as dressing, candied sweet potatoes, (my families old recipes), and all the trimmings. Thanksgiving Day was sunny and beautifully cool. The horses were fed early, turkey was in the oven and the noodles were cooking on the stove. The aroma was unforgettable! Soon, family and guests arrived. I had reminded everyone to be sure and bring warm jackets, a scarf, and gloves for a special surprise!


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