Electric Fence Maintenance Kit (OBSOLETE)


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Our Electric Fence Maintenance Kit has everything you need to monitor your electric fencing system! Includes: ElectroBraid™ 2 Joule AC Low Impedence Charger, LED Electric Fence Tester & Electric Fence Alert.

Electric Fence Maintenance Kit (OBSOLETE)
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ElectroBraid's Electric Fence Charger is best used for controlling all types of animals, even predators. It is specially designed to be used, in conjunction with ElectroBraid™, to contain horses. This charger powers up to 50 miles of standard, steel fence, and 25 miles of ElectroBraid™. This charger features dual output BRASS terminals to prevent galvanic corrosion when used with ElectroBraid’s fully copper-based system. This charger also includes a control board operation lamp and an output indicator lamp.

LED Electric Fence Tester has five lights that tell you the amount of voltage on your fence line.

Electric Fence Alert will verify that your electric fence is working properly and is energized without having to touch your fence line.