• High-Tensile Wire Cutters

    SKU: WC

    High-Tensile Wire Cutters

    Our heavy-duty, spring-loaded wire cutters are a vital tool to have when installing high-tensile coated wire fencing systems. They are also great for making repairs to your pre-standing fencing.

    Compatibility: Flex Fence®

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  • Ratchet Handle

    SKU: RH

    Ratchet Handle

    These 1/2" drive ratchet handles are 15" long. This gives you additional leverage when tensioning your Flex Fence® – giving you more torque. These ratchet handles make tensioning a breeze over with their extra long, solid metal handle.

    Compatibility: Flex Fence®

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  • Bending Tool

    SKU: BT6

    Bending Tool

    Use the bending tool to easily shape and bend the ends of your Flex Fence®. It creates a properly shaped/bent end to your Flex Fence® rail that easily slips into the end plates, splice plates, end tighteners, and other Flex Fence® hardware.

    Compatibility: Flex Fence®

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  • Spinning Jenny

    SKU: SJ

    Spinning Jenny

    The spinning jenny allows your fence roll to unwind without twisting and/or bending the high-tensile wire. It pivots on a ground pin that's staked into the ground and has four adjustable arms to accommodate for all fence coil sizes.

    Compatibility: Raceline & Shockline

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  • Tensioner Handle

    SKU: RTN

    Tensioner Handle

    This rail fence tensioner is used to tighten our in-line and end post fence tensioners that are used to tension our high-tensile Flex Fence® coated wire fencing systems. This rail fence tensioner is sure to make tensioning your fence easier!

    Compatibility: In-Line Fence Tensioner & End Post Fence Tensioner

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  • Rail Tensioner Handle

    SKU: RTH

    Rail Tensioner Handle

    This rail tensioner handle is used to tighten your tensioners for your coated wire fencing system. The long handle gives the operator superior leverage for faster, easier tensioning. The heavy-duty construction will make this tool last for years!

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  • Wide Barbed Staple Driver


    Wide Barbed Staple Driver

    The wide barbed staple driver is very simple to use and has no moving parts to damage. Just insert the staple into the slot and hammer on the flat end. Save your fingers from having to hold each sharp staple!

    Hardware: 2" Extra Wide Staples

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  • Barbed Staple Driver

    SKU: BSD

    Barbed Staple Driver

    This is a very solid constructed barbed staple driver. There are no moving parts, so nothing on the tool is vulnerable to breaking. It's a very simple and effective tool for driving 1.5" or 2" barbed staples into both soft and hardwood posts.

    Compatibility: 1.5" & 2" Barbed Staples

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  • 1" Staple Driver



    The 1" Flex Fence® staple driver is very simple to use. All you do is insert the staple into the open end, and then hammer on the other end. This helps prevent the staples from mushrooming when driving the staples into wooden posts.

    Hardware: 1" Fence Staples

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  • Fence Pliers

    SKU: 10FP

    Fence Pliers

    These multidimensional fence pliers are built with a heavy-duty lock-joint and oval-faced jaws for cutting soft wire and hammering & pulling staples. It's a very versatile tool to have in your tool bag when installing or repairing horse fencing!

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  • Crimp Tool

    SKU: CT

    Crimp Tool

    The 4-slot designed crimp tool allows you to be able to crimp a wide variety of different size gauges. Recommended for splicing high-tensile wire together, using crimp sleeves. It can be used with both the 12.5 and 16-gauge crimp sleeves.

    Compatibility: 12.5-Gauge & 16-Gauge Crimp Sleeves

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  • Wire Vise Tension Tool

    SKU: TT

    Wire Vise Tension Tool

    The wire vise tensioning tool not only tensions your Raceline Flex Fence® coated wire rail, but regulates the load applied too. This will help deliver consistent results every time and maximizes the life of your coated wire fencing system.

    Compatibility: 12.5-Gauge Wire Vise

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  • Ring Insulator Drill Adapter


    Ring Insulator Drill Adapter

    The ring insulator drill adapter hooks into any handheld drill, for a super quick installation. It's compatible to install both the ring insulators and the extended 6" ring insulators into wooden fence posts.

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RAMM carries many equine accessories to compliment your fencing material. We carry all of the parts you’ll need for your horse fence, and our trained staff is here to answer any questions along the way. If you’re not sure which horse fencing supplies or tools you’ll need, just call us at 1-800-434-8456.