New Arrivals

  • 18" Basket Fan

    SKU: 18BFB


    The 18" basket fan is designed especially for agricultural use. Unlike most fans (which are NOT meant for use in barns), this fan has a totally enclosed motor with sealed ball bearings. This allows the fan(s) to be used in wet locations!

    Motor: 1/8 HP

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  • Aluminum Feeder - Straight Mount

    SKU: AFS

    Aluminum Feeder - Straight Mount

    Our BRAND NEW grain feeder is constructed of aluminum and has round edges for your horses' safety. This feeder mounts on a straight part of your horse stall wall. The first batch won't last long!

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  • Aluminum Feeder - Corner Mount

    SKU: AFC

    Aluminum Feeder - Corner Mount

    Our BRAND NEW horse grain feeder is constructed of aluminum and has round edges for your horses' safety. This horse grain feeder mounts in the corner of your horse stall. The first batch won't last long!

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  • Extended Pin-Lock T-Post Insulators (12-Pack)


    Extended Pin-Lock T-Post Insulators (12-Pack)

    Extended pin-lock t-post insulators keep your horses at a safer distance from the t-posts. Snap them onto your t-posts and lock in your fence rail with the provided pins.

    Compatibility: Coated Wire, Braid, & Rope
    Posts Compatibility: T-Posts

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  • Lighthoof Mud Management Panel


    Lighthoof Mud Management Panel

    Quickly and Effectively solve your mud problems with Lighthoof Mud Management Panels. Their innovative design prevents mud and erosion from traffic and wet weather, suitable for any situation.

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  • Stall Grid


    Stall Grid

    The Stall Grid flooring system is great for horse walkers, paddock areas, round pens, and indoor/outdoor arenas! Having this system installed can lead to improvements in your horse(s)'s health with the Stall Grid's shock absorbing technology.

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  • LED Lighting Grommet

    SKU: 4LGK

    LED Lighting Grommet

    Our LED lighting grommet allow your lighting fixtures to become waterproof by plugging the hole to prevent water from penetrating through! They are compatible with the 4' and 8' T8 LED Lighting fixtures. Sold individually.

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  • 4' T8 LED Lighting

    SKU: 4LED3NL

    4' T8 LED Lighting

    This 4', 3-bulb T8 LED lighting fixture will really "brighten" up your day with 5,242 Lumens. These bulbs are protected by a frosted, shatterproof polycarbonate lens. Setup a 2nd circuit to add the night light feature!

    Temperature: 5000K [Daylight]

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  • High Bay LED Arena Lights


    High Bay LED Arena Lights

    Step out of the dark ages with... powerful and efficient lighting at its best! Rated for indoor/outdoor use, these High Bay LED Arena Lights are 35,000 Lumens, only 300 watts, and are backed by a 5-year warranty.

    Temperature: 5700K

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Here at RAMM Horse Fencing & Stalls, we are always trying to find the best equine solutions for our customers. The new products we add are to help increase efficiency and safety for you and horses. We devote the time and effort towards research and development to ensure your horses are always safe!

  • Take a look at one of our newest arrivals, the 18" basket fan, that's specifically designed for agricultural use and safety. It has an enclosed motor that is thermally protected and waterproof to prevent barn/arena fires!
  • Also, be sure to check out our Lighthoof mud management panels; they may be the solution you are looking for concerning muddy areas on your farm that can cause many physical and health issues for horses.