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Designer Stalls vs Custom Stalls

Dear Debbie,

I have been looking for stalls for my barn for quite a while now. I have your catalogue and have looked at your web site. I was wondering if you can tell me what the difference is between a 'designer stall' and a 'custom stall'. I know when I purchase, it will be from Ramm! Your stalls are beautiful!

Rachel M.

Hi Rachel,

I'm glad that you ask that question. Our designer stalls are hand crafted for each customers order, they are not 'mass produced' and come in 10 and 12' lengths. The benefit is that each stall is given great attention to detail. Our designer stalls are a step above in that they have a European flare with closer bar spacing, round tracks for extremely smooth and quiet door movement and many options to fit every individual horses need. We also have sweeping curved front partitions for open span barns ~ they add a lot of elegance. The designer stalls can be brass plated, galvanized or painted. Options are endless and range from grilled, mesh or solid walls to several feed opening or door options. We also can provide window grills with bars or mesh. The window grills can be hinged so that you can easily open them for cleaning. Designer Stalls: Tuscany, Nobleman - our newest designer stalls are the Hampton, and the Buckingham, by RAMM.

Custom stalls are unique and truly an individualized stall made exactly to your dimensions and specifications. Our in-house stall designer will work with you to make the stalls of your dreams. Individual appointments are set up to discuss the process from the beginning drawing stages to the most beautiful stall you can imagine! If you are interested in any of these stalls Rachel, just let me know and I will be sure to have one of our staff assist you. Let me know when you decide which stall system you will have in your barn. I know you will love them!


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