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Matthew Myers

Dear Debbie,

I am sorry to e-mail you personally, but I hope that you have a little time to answer a question. My wife and I have a 14-acre pasture that we are building our home in. We would love to re-fence the entire pasture, but that is not an option right now. What we would like to do is put up fence around our home in order to keep our horses out of and off of our house. I really like the flex type fence, and would like to do something nice to surround our home. It would be a square project with 4 corners and probably be 250-300 linear feet of fence to enclose the house. I have never used the product before and am curious to the practicality of this type of project as well as the cost. What kind of corner posts need to be set to accommodate the tension? I am totally new to this type of fence and I need some serious help, but I want to do something nice.

Matthew Myers

Hi Matthew,

I am happy to help you with your fencing project. Our family chose to promote the Flex-fence because not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but also the Flex-Fence is made with horses in mind! Any fence needs proper installation. Our Flex-Fence needs supported corners. Some helpful information for us would be what kind of soil you have, is the ground flat or rolling, is there rock, or any other information that would help us? This will help us to help you with your installation.

Normally, corner posts (6" x 9') in warm climates should be in the ground 3.5-4'. These posts are concreted and supported with 2 diagonal brace posts (4 or 5" x 8'). We use and suggest pressure treated posts. If you have something else that you were thinking of using, we could talk about it to be sure you will have the proper bracing system. Any area that is curved or not in a straight line needs to be concreted. Other than that, line posts are to be placed 2.5' in the ground in warm climates.


We need to see if you are interested in a 3 or 4-rail system. This will depend on the height of your horses, the height of your posts, and how many horses you will have in the pasture at one time. Additionally, what width of rail, how many gates and where they will go, and later, color.

My family and I personally use the 5.25" Flex-Fence for our horses. We think it's the best on the market today. We have had many people tell us that after they have had their horses behind the flex, they would choose no other.

 MATTHEW-M-other images-horse-behind-flex.jpg

I am going to send your email to one of our staff that will help you further. They can estimate your project and answer further questions on your specific needs. You can email at anytime if you have questions that you want to run past me. I'm sure you would like our fence, as it saves time and money in the long run, and keeps your horses safer than other traditional fence systems. Thank you, and we look forward to helping you.


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