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Outdoor Heated Water Buckets

Dear Debbie,

I just have a question about the heated water buckets - can they be put outside?


Hi Laurie, 

Yes you can use them outside. Our suggestion is to be sure to cover any extension cords or areas where your horses could get to plugs. 'Box' plug areas (if horse will be near them) so horses cannot play with them. Keep power cords covered so horses will not trip or disconnect the power supply. The cords do have a coiled wire around them to discourage horses from biting them. Additionally, you can run the cords through PVC pipe to help conceal them too. Its a good idea also to be sure you secure the 5 gallon buckets in a bucket holder and secure the 16 gallon bucket as well.  Are you interested in some? I personally use these all winter and love the way that they work. We also have insulated buckets that are not electric. You do have to use the insulated 'floater' with them and we suggest not filling them to the very top of the bucket. We also suggest emptying the bucket twice a day to keep ice at bay.  Just let me know if I can answer any other questions for you. I'm glad to see that you are thinking ahead for the colder months ahead! It won't be long!

- Debbie

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