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Peggy J.

Dear Debbie,

A friend of mine has tried to hang water buckets in her stalls and the horses keep pulling them off the various hooks she's purchased. How would you recommend placing these buckets in the stalls so the horses can't move them yet be easily removed for cleaning & filling? Thanks.

Peggy J.

Hi Peggy,

Great question, and thank you for asking! I would suggest that they try our 5-gallon bucket holders. They mount on the wall and the bucket fits down into the holder! A second nice tip is to use to couple the holder with a bucket door. Anyone can open the door, then pull out the bucket from the aisle of the barn to fill and clean them. I have personally used both and they were wonderful.


One other idea would be to use our pail safe bucket holder. The bucket fits onto a 'bracket' that is shaped like a 'maze'. The handle of the bucket follows the 'maze' and hangs on the wall. It is next to impossible for the bucket to be knocked off the bracket, however, for the owner, its a matter of lifting and setting the bucket handle in place! It is suggested to use a flat back bucket with these products, allowing the bucket to rest 'flat' on the wall.

One other idea may be to consider a 'horse ball' or some kind of a 'horse toy' that the horse can play with in his stall, in addition to the suggestions above. Its good to keep stalled horses content so that they do not pick up bad habits such as weaving, cribbing or circling in the stall.

Additionally, and you may have already tried this, but try supplementing in-between feeding times with grass hay so that your horse can accomplish the need to 'graze'. Even though we put our horses in stalls and really if you think about it, unnatural habitats for them, they still are born with instincts that we cannot take out of the horse.

"You can take the horse out of the wild, but cannot completely take the 'wild' out of the horse! Naturally horses like to graze and not every horse is the same, just like people. If you think about some of the things that horses may need to fulfill their natural needs, I'm sure you will see a more content horse! :)

Thank you for your email. If you have any other questions, I would be happy to help you think of ideas that help your friend or yourself and your horses! Have a great New Year!


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