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Sandy K.

Dear Debbie,

My stall doors have always been a problem. When I dont think about it, I close the doors fast and they slide off of the guide at the top. Is there a way to help to keep the doors from coming off of the track?

Hi Sandy, that can be a real inconvenience and time waster.  The doors are heavy and most likely, if your not tall, you have to get a ladder - someone to pick up the door then put the trolley back into the track.  There are a few things you can do to fix your door. 

A 'quick fix' would be to drill a hole through the track (about an inch from the end, going from front to back, rather than top to bottom) and install a bolt that goes through the track and into the wood. Be sure it does not protrude through to the other side of your stall. This will stop the door before it comes off of the track. If you prefer a better method, we have stall door 'stops' and 'stay rollers' that can be installed to your existing stall front. The hardware 'stops' and holds your door so that it will not 'push out' away from the wall at any time. 

This is a safer alternative to help prevent horses getting legs or heads caught in the door (which could be fatal).  If you are interested in this hardware, just let me know or call our office at 800-878-5644 and we will help you with any questions that you may have

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