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Trouble Across The Fence

Dear Debbie,

Hi. My neighbor just bought a gelding and I have a 17 year old belgian mare. The two horses strike out at each other yet also winny at different times. They are in adjacent paddocks. Our problem is we were really looking forward to trail riding together but do not want to get killed. What would you suggest to us so we can live our dream? She just bought him yesterday and my mare 2 goats for company but I know in her past she was ridden on the trails with another horse. Appreciate any help as I am 60 and don't have years to waste trying to figure it out. Thanks in advance. In the past she has had horses and donkeys as pasture mates and always struck out at first but then got over it.

Linda K.

Hi Linda, I understand what you mean about not wasting time to figure things out! You can get these horses to 'get along' with a little thought, a little time and good safe methods! 

I want you to think about your confidence level with this situation. If you are fearful, (you can be honest and not feel the least bit bad it), it would be safer to have a 'trainer' or seasoned horseman work with you. I can tell you this because I have been in some situations, myself, where I needed another seasoned trainer with me, so that I would not 'pass' fear over to my horses. Horses can sense your confidence level. If its on the low side, your not the 'leader' and therefore the horses will not respond as well to what your asking of them. Your no longer 'alpha' and they know it! So it would be really safer to have the help. Every horse is different. If you are fearful that these horses will 'fight' and will not get used to each other don't put yourself in a harmful situation. The solution is easy. Have an expert work directly with you and your horses at your barn. The cost will be much less to have someone help you just a few times, compared to getting hurt. And you will be on the trails in no time! I truly believe you will not be disappointed and that you will definitely live out your dream! 

If you believe you want to try this yourself, let me know and I will give you some tips to try. If the horses still do not get along, your best and safest method would be a tiny bit of help... then you will be on your way!! Let me know your thoughts! Thanks so much for your great question Linda. You will get there soon… it should only take the horses a few days to get used to each other! I'll be waiting to hear from you. 

- Debbie

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