Electric Fencing Ideas That Will Work (And Will Fit Your Budget)

Electric Fencing Ideas That Will Work (And Will Fit Your Budget)


Summer! Some of the nicest days of the year for you and your horses. Many horse owners are now taking care of young foals and brood-mares, getting ready for showing and taking advantage of the good weather to just ride! When it comes to frustrating repairs, tight budgets and hot summer days -that's not a place anyone of us would like to be! With all that there is to do on these beautiful summer days, who wants to be fixing fence? Are you trying to decide how to help an old existing fence that needs repair, or need put up a new fence quickly? Let me give you some good solutions so that you can get out and enjoy your horse - instead of worrying about how you will fix your fence!

We know that everyone has a budget, and in these days finding economical ways to safely fence your horse is.... 'priceless'. If you have older traditional fencing, such as board or woven wire, electric fence options may be a good choice to give your existing fence longer life. The electric fence options are countless. They are very cost effective, quicker to install, and can solve many fence problems.


Ropes and Twines

Poly wire and electric twine are temporary fence options. They are one of the most economical electric fence options. UV protected Polyethylene coupled with stainless wire (6 strands) makes these 'twine size' rails an option for quick and temporary fence. Prices run as low as 3 cents a foot, on the roll! This fence can be used with your existing fence as well as temporary cross fencing. It can be used with step in posts, or on wood posts with insulators. A quick fix at a low price! (electric hardware and charger needed for all electric systems). Polywire is Made in the U.S.A.

Pro-Tek Electric Rope - has 350 lbs of break strength coupled with the holding power of electric fence. This rail is 660' in length with a 12 year ltd. manufactures warranty. With 6 stainless steel wires and the size of rope, it’s at a great price as low as 8 cents a foot, on the roll! You cannot beat the price and have the relief of knowing that your horses are contained in a safer fence alternative! Light bracing recommended. (electric hardware and charger needed for all electric systems).

Electric 1.5" Shock Tape* - If you need improved visibility in all weather conditions, this 1.5" tape is white with a black corded edge, top and bottom! 500 lbs of break strength per rail with stainless wires and a 5 yr ltd. manufactures warranty. Starting as low as 11 cents a foot this fence can be used on your existing wood, metal T-posts or with metal T-posts and PVC sleeves. Hand-tensioning makes installation easier. (electric hardware and charger needed for all electric systems). Light bracing recommended. Made in the U.S.A.

Going a step further to longer warranties, more wires, and stronger break strengths: MOST POPULAR Electric Tape as well as 5 STAR CUSTOMER APPROVAL!


1.5" Pro-Tek Electric Tape - Roll sizes are 1320', 660' and 330' rolls give you more choices in roll lengths! Starting at only 12 cents a foot, on your posts, Pro-Tek 1.5" tape has 750 lbs of break strength per rail. 15 stainless steel wires give a stronger and longer lasting electric fence for permanent or temporary fencing for all of your fencing needs. Add to existing fence systems, use as cross fence, use alone or with a top sight rail such as Ramm-Flex. A 20 yr. ltd. manufactures warranty with rails in black, white or brown gives you long lasting choices with this 1.5" tape rail. Hand-tensioning allows easier installation! Wider tape gives better visibility. I personally have known this fencing to be a top choice for horse owners for over 10 years! electric hardware and charger needed for all electric systems). Light bracing recommended. Made in the U.S.A.

Another popular electric fencing choice:


ElectroBraid - Has a braided-cord feel with double helix copper wire braided into the jacket of the rope. The outer coat is made of high grade polyester fiber used in seat belts and parachute harnesses. UV protected with a break strength of 1300 lbs. ElectroBraid™ can be used alone or with your existing fence system. electric hardware and charger needed for all electric systems). Starting as low as 17 cents a foot on your posts! Light bracing recommended. Made in Canada.

Here is another option:

COATED ELECTRIC WIRE - Economical, Strong a Popular Choice. If you have or are planning on concreted braces with your fence choice or have a bracing system that is has concreted footers, Horserail Electric Coated wire may be the choice for you. This rail comes in a 1320' roll (that's a quarter of a mile). The strongest of these fences, with a break strength of 1620 lbs per rail, Horserail Coated Wire has strength as well as being electric to hold your horses well! High tensile wire has memory which means that it will flex back to its original shape on impact! The outer Polyethylene coating helps to protect your horse from injury and comes in black, white or brown. Unlike the other fences that we have discussed, Coated Electric Wire is a tensioned fence system. I personally have this fence and use 5 strands. I like to keep spacing no more that 9"-11"'s between rails. One rail on your existing posts starts at 13 cents a foot! 20 yr ltd manufactures warranty. Made in the U.S.A.


With so many choices, I know that there is a fence solution that will help you fix up that fence that needs repair as well as fit into your budget. Every penny counts. By adding to your existing fence, you have gained more years of life without the great expense! If you have any questions about your existing fence or how to solve problems economically, feel free to email me. We will find ways to help you make safer paddocks for your horses, give you peace of mind...AND most of all, have more time to ride rather than work!!! Enjoy the warm weather!

*Electric Tapes - Little rails that do BIG jobs. These systems are all hand tensioned. If you live in a high wind area or are in areas with a lot of open land, you need to check your fence to be sure that they don't get loose from the wind. Not maintaining tape fences can lead to wire breakage. If you are in a high wind area, Electric coated wire may be a better choice for you!

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