At RAMM Horse Fencing & Stalls, we value our close-working relationship with all of our customers and take pride in providing the very best customer service in our industry. When we receive a compliment or testimonial from a customer, we always seek their approval to publish their kind words and comments.

See below for a small sample of the many customer compliments and testimonials that we have received over the years. These compliments and testimonials are the words and thoughts of our customers only - they remain unedited.

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  • Laurie Salzler

    Laurie Salzler

    "With your fence, I know I can safely keep my stallion securely in and its safe enough to put an unpredictable foal in too!" - Laurie Salzler
  • Linda Yuhas

    Linda Yuhas

    "Together my 80-year-old mom, my two teenaged daughters and myself drilled holes, set and tamped the posts and worked for several hours each day. Finally the day came that I had longed for. We attached the field fence and three weeks later install the white RAMM fence. It was quite an exhausting project, however a most satisfying accomplishment. I don't know how many females, or 80-year-old grandmothers, have accomplished such a feat. My horse fence project is my 'labor of love' for my horses, and I have RAMM Fence to thank for helping make my efforts a dream come true." - Linda Yuhas
  • Peggy Schuster

    Peggy Schuster

    "The fencing is wonderful and I feel completely assured that my horses are safe and happy. I can rest easy (and even occasionally get off the farm!) without having to worry that someone is going to get tangled or cut up. Thanks again." - Peggy Schuster
  • Richard Marvin

    Richard Marvin

    "Just a quick note to let you know that the installation went very smoothly. The instructions were clear and the couple of times I called for assistance, you were right on the money. I am very pleased with the result." - Richard Marvin
  • Tom Brown

    Tom Brown

    "When it came time for me to put in new fencing, I researched many companies and all the options they had to offer. Ultimately, I made my purchase form RAMM Fence. My concerns were price, durability, ease of installation, as well as something that would safely contain my horses. With the help of your sales staff, I decided on a four-strand system of plastic coated high-tensile wire with a fifth top strand of Pro-Tek Braid. Your staff took the time to help me design the size of my pasture according to stock lengths of material, making it more economical. Since I was installing the fence myself, your staff ensured that I had all supplies on hand. They thought of every detail, including insulators, ground wire and nails. I am very satisfied with my fence and the complete service I received at RAMM Fence." - Tom Brown