At RAMM Horse Fencing & Stalls, we value our close-working relationship with all of our customers and take pride in providing the very best customer service in our industry. When we receive a compliment or testimonial from a customer, we always seek their approval to publish their kind words and comments.

See below for a small sample of the many customer compliments and testimonials that we have received over the years. These compliments and testimonials are the words and thoughts of our customers only - they remain unedited.

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  • Laurie Knapp

    Laurie Knapp

    "We, my husband and I, live in northern Idaho, and we had a big wind storm come though the other day. Walking the fence line of our 10 acres, we had 9 trees down on the fence, ranging from 4" to about 14" in diameter. I couldn't believe the fence held up. Even the big trees only took down the top 2 rows of the 4 rows of rope fencing.. So we got out the chainsaw, cut the trees off of the fence, and I tightened it up and all was well. No horses out, and no problems. What a product, I have never written a letter like this and probably never will again. We have tried a lot of different types of fencing, on different properties we have owned, and because my husband has a bad back, I have to say it was a very nice product to work with by myself to string the 10 acres, because your rolls only weigh 36 lbs. I think a woman must have invented this!" - Laurie Knapp
  • Nicole Roberts

    Nicole Roberts

    "Well, the fence has stood the test of time and, most importantly, the test of real use. We have had many a different kind of horse come through our barn; stallions, lots of young stock, ponies, older horses, broodmares, and babies. We even had a steer. Your fence has been a Godsend at times. We had some 2-year-olds out for the first time together, and they decided it would be fun to run through the fence--three strands of Coated Wire. The fence gave way, but not a scratch on the horses!! Not even any hair missing!! I couldn't believe it. How wonderful to have a "safe" fence when you needed it most. I have had other instances where a foal or another horse was run into the fence and not one scratch was found. Thank you for making such a great product available!" - Nicole Roberts
  • Steve Schiffman

    Steve Schiffman

    "Thanks for your help and patience. The vinyl fence went up with ease. My two volunteers and I installed the vinyl in about three hours. After the fence posts were cut, we made a template of where the brackets went on the posts, which proved to be very time efficient. The installation of the rails and tightening were the easiest part. The two wider vinyl rails for a jumping arena proved cost efficient and effective. The horses respect it and the rail itself is very safe in regards to falls. You do not have pictures of what was there before, but it was a very old roping arena with railroad tie posts and 6'x6' mesh. It was dangerous and not impressive. Everyone who visits the barn is impressed by the new arena, which has virtually changed the image of the facility. You know we have mostly young girls learning about equestrian riding, and the safety of the fencing for the kids (and also the horses) was the most important factor. Your advice and service was the best." - Steve Schiffman
  • Terri Haynie

    Terri Haynie

    "I just wanted to let you know that it has been a very positive experience dealing with your company, from the purchase, right on through installation and appreciation of final product. The fence, brown 1.5" Electric Tape on t-posts and wood posts, looks great against our fall tree line!! We didn't expect such a nice, clean, attractive appearance, but we got it. There were no problems electrifying it either. Just wanted to say thanks! We are really happy with it." - Terri Haynie
  • Warren Cormier

    Warren Cormier

    "I am writing to let you know how delighted I am with my RAMM Three-Rail PVC fencing. It is absolutely beautiful and adds significant value to my property. The RAMM gate system has made access to the paddocks a breeze. I also want to thank you all for making the ordering and delivery process so easy. We will enthusiastically recommend RAMM at every opportunity. Keep up the good work!" - Warren Cormier