What Is the Cheapest Fencing Material for Horses?

Pro-Tek Electric Rope is RAMM's most economical horse fence option (under ~$1.00/foot after material, hardware, and posts) and is backed by a 12-year warranty! It comes in 656' fence rolls and is very easy to install.

The electric current running through the rope signals "stay away" to horses, much like a kick or nip from the dominant horse in the herd. Horses feel the "bite" and learn to stay away from fence lines. This will help slow down the wear-and-tear on your electric fencing system, providing you with more years of protection and containment!

With maximum UV protection and great visibility, Pro-Tek electric rope can be used as either a permanent or a temporary horse fencing system for grazing purposes. Electric fencing can also be a useful tool for teaching horses to respect their boundaries and RAMM's exclusive Pro-Tek electric rope can help you achieve this.

*Note: Pro-Tek electric rope is only available at RAMM.

Energy Conservation Solution

Are you trying to power your fence while conserving energy? Solar-powered fence chargers are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly! Choose an electrical coverage option from 3 acres, all the way up to 100 acres:

Solar-powered electric fence chargers are perfect for remote areas where electrical currents aren't available. They are great for portable fencing solutions when it requires to be moved frequently. Power outages do not impact the solar chargers' ability to keep your horses contained. They also retain power even through cloudy and inclement weather days, continuing to provide enough energy to keep your animals contained and predators out. This model delivers one pulse of shock per second to your horses and/or livestock.

Here's a video showing how to charge your solar fence charger:

    When looking at solar-powered electric fence chargers, we always recommend protecting your investment; lightning protection is essential to protecting your investment in fence chargers. A good grounding system must be installed, so a few feet of rod in the ground is not enough (except for light, portable chargers). If there are a lot of shorts on the fence and/or the ground is very dry on your property, it's not uncommon to need more than three 5’ ground rods. Ground rods should be 10' apart and at least 30' from other existing grounds. Stay away from water pipes (especially those going to drinking areas) or buildings where an electric charge may affect people or livestock (like milking areas).

    Non-electrified wires on a fence can be connected to bring distant ground rods back to the ground terminal of the electric fence charger. Some installations have required over ten 8’ ground rods.

    *If you're unsure of what you want or need for your electric fence installation, we welcome you to speak with a RAMM representative at 800-434-6296.