Does Flex Fence® Work for Livestock Animals?

Flex Fence® is not only made to keep horses safer while being contained, but it also works superbly for other livestock animals. With the ability to flex 6"-8" upon impact, Flex Fence® gives you the prestigious board fence look, but with safety in mind!



Alpacas & Llamas

We have many owners who say their alpacas and llamas are much safer and happily contained in their Flex Fence®. If you're interested in Flex Fence® for your alpacas or llamas, you can follow one our customers on Twitter @WthrLdy who posts lovely photos and live videos of their Alpacas. We also have another customer who hosts Alpaca Yoga on their property inside of a Flex Fence® top rail and non-climb mesh combination fence system (pictured below).



There have been many years of research and development has been put into our Flex Fence® systems. The memory in the high-tensile wire allows the fence to flex and come back to its original shape. The polyethylene coating requires no painting to the rail and little-to-no maintenance makes Flex Fence®  an economical choice for any farm owner. Revolutionary, streamline hardware offers easier installation. ​



Goats & Sheep

RAMM has its own sheep on the property... along with their chicken friend! They're contained by a 425 Flex Fence® and non-climb mesh wire fence combination system. The mesh wire fencing keeps in them from getting out between the lower rails. 


Want to see all of our latest Flex Fence® pictures and ideas for livestock animals? We have a Pinterest board just for you!


*Note: These were just a few examples, but Flex Fence® is capable of keeping many animals (camels, pigs, etc.) safer while in containment. The size of the animal will determine what fencing will work best for your situation. Some animals may even need mesh wire fencing if they're too small so you avoid them escaping and/or getting injured.