What Maintenance Is Required With Flex Fence®?​

With a proper installation of CCA-treated wood posts, re-tensioning your Flex Fence® is virtually eliminated. We always recommend discussing high-traffic areas with a RAMM account manager in addition to following the manufacturer's installation instructions.

Any high-tensile product like Flex Fence® is extremely strong, however, if you crimp or fold the fence over onto itself and ​apply tension, then you create a weak spot.

Can I Install Flex Fence® Myself?

With the right equipment and tools, there have been many people who choose to install Flex Fence® by themselves. Once your fence posts are auger drilled/driven into the ground, the aforementioned (corners, ends/gates, and non-straight) posts must be concreted. Then follow the Flex Fence® installation instructions for your rail placement.

*Note: If you are using an installer, our RAMM account managers are more than happy to answer any question they might have as well.

I Have Seen Sagging Flex Fence® Systems; What Causes This?

Any high-tensile fence system needs to be properly braced and concreted at your corner posts, end/gate posts, as well as any post that's not in a straight line. If bracing is avoided, sagging will occur. As always, we recommend using the installation instructions and electric fencing with any high-traffic areas.

Do you have further installation questions? We welcome you to contact a friendly RAMM expert account manager today at 1-800-434-6293.