What Does My Flex Fence® Warranty Cover?

RAMM's Flex Fence® warranty includes any cracking, peeling, chipping, discoloration, manufacturer's defect, or UV weathering. 

Flex Fence® is available in ​five different options:

Flex Fence® is a specifically designed horse fence material that was made to be ​a safer alternative to traditional horse fencing systems. It consists of high-tensile wire molecularly bonded to polyethylene plastic. Instead of splintering or breaking on impact, Flex Fence® will flex up to 6"-8" and return to its original shape.

Flex Fence® is extremely strong, with the widest size (525 Plus Flex Fence®) having 4,200 pounds of break strength per rail, so your horses are far more likely to stay safe and remain in their pasture out of harm's way. Flex Fence® ​is available in black, brown, and white to match most farm color schemes.

The Flex Fence® warranty ​DOES NOT cover abuse or misuse; we recommend using the manufacturer's installation instructions. Any high-tensile product [Flex Fence®] will be extremely strong, however, if you crimp or fold the fence over onto itself and ​apply tension, then you create a weak spot.

*Note: We recommend the use of electric horse fencing in high-traffic areas. 


Will Oiling My Posts Breakdown the Materials in Flex Fence®?

No; Flex Fence® is made with polyethylene, which is the product of choice for chemical containers because it is impervious to chemicals. Therefore, no oil chemicals will affect the fence’s integrity.