Horse Barn and Arena Lighting

  • 4AGB Mounting Bracket

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    4AGB Mounting Bracket

    This mounting bracket securely holds the 4AG barn and arena light fixture in place when installed properly. Ramm recommends that two brackets are used per light fixture.

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  • OAG36HW Replacement Bulb

    SKU: L36

    OAG36HW Replacement Bulb

    These light bulbs are sold straight from the manufacturer and are not available in any stores. They feature full spectrum lighting to product more nature looking light inside of your horse stalls. These are replacement bulbs for the OAG36HW stall light.

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  • Barn and Arena Lighting

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    Barn and Arena Lighting

    RAMM barn lighting is efficient and will reduce your electric bill. The lamps last up to 40 times longer than regular incandescent bulbs, meaning you'll spend less time and money changing out bulbs.

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The need for good quality barn lighting is never made more apparent than during veterinary visits and winter's dark days. Aside from the obvious purpose of illuminating the barn and stalls, lighting has many other uses that you may not realize. Non-agricultural lighting and bare incandescent bulbs simply don't provide the quality of lighting needed to accurately assess a horse's condition. Adequate lighting is one of those barn accessories that should never be placed on the back burner.

Lighting that isn't meant for agricultural use, especially bare incandescent bulbs, can present several hazards for your horses. Barns are dusty places, filled with cobwebs and bits of hay. When these items accumulate on a bare incandescent bulb, the risk of fire is greatly elevated. Not only that, but bare incandescent bulbs provide no protection from direct contact with the bulb. Even a cage around the bulb won't protect your horse if the bulb accidentally bursts or shatters.

So what kind of equine lighting is appropriate for a horse barn? Horse barn lighting that is specifically for agricultural use. RAMM carries lights, which were not only designed specifically for agricultural use, but specifically for the equine products industry. What makes Ramm's horse arena lighting different? Their construction and performance make them different. Ramm horse stall lighting is UL approved and produces daylight quality light with better distribution. They are cool burning and come on instantly, even at temperatures as low as 20 below 0. The electronic ballast is designed to withstand power surges that can be common in farm facilities. The lights are gasketed and enclosed, which seals out moisture, dust and bugs. Color rendition is accurate, making it possible to properly assess a horse's condition.

Ramm barn lighting is also efficient and will reduce your electric bill. The lamps last up to 40 times longer than regular incandescent bulbs, meaning you'll spend less time and money changing out bulbs. This horse barn lighting is also safer and doesn't present the fire hazard that equine lighting of the past did. You may even be eligible for reduced insurance premiums when you update your horse stalls with RAMM lighting. Certain models contain no rusting parts and are even safe for wash racks.

So don't just light up your barn, light it well with the RAMM Lighting System. If you'd like to update your barn and horse arena lighting, or if you're looking for lights for your new barn, or you would like to order our free product catalog, contact us at 1-800-434-8456. Our representatives can talk to you about RAMM lighting and other barn accessories that will help you help your horses.