Browse RAMM's high-quality farm supplies. Expect to find the same RAMM quality as found in RAMM's fence and stalls. Choose from a wide variety of farm supplies for horses and equestrians. These field-tested products work to enhance both safety and farm functionality:

  • Arena Dust Control – RAMM's Moisture Lok dust control is an odorless, non-toxic, and non-hazardous cross-linked acrylamide copolymer. It acts as a super-sponge, absorbing and storying nearly two hundred times its dry weight in water. It then releases the moisture into the arena surface as needed. A moist surface will control dust and give the arena a more consistent and softer texture and create a cleaner, less dusty environment for both the horse and rider.
  • Fly & Mosquito Control – With the RAMM Fly and Mosquito Control System Kit, flies, mosquitoes, and many other insects are eliminated from your horse barn and stalls in 60 seconds using natural, safe equine fly control products. The insecticides are not harmful to you, your family, your animals, or the environment! The insecticide used is made from an organic material derived from chrysanthemum flowers and meets all of the strict requirements set forth by the EPA.
  • Horse Round Pens – Round pens are by far one of the most widely used training tools in the horse industry today and are quickly becoming one of those must-have equine products. Their versatility allows them to be used for a multitude of tasks from lunging and training pens to temporary turn-out.
  • Mud Management by RAMM – Quickly solves mud problems on your property. The innovative design prevents mud and erosion from high-traffic areas or inclement weather – suitable for any situation. Set it, fill it, forget it!
  • Track & Ring Conditioners – The track & ring conditioner offers a one-pass operation, adjustable harrowing height, and a two-way adjustable blade. The chiseled harrow tines break up packed footing in your horse arena, and then the blade floats over to smooth the surface simultaneously.


We welcome you to contact a RAMM expert at 1-800-434-8456 for free estimates and planning tips on your next project. There are thousands of RAMM products; browse the website or request a catalog. Feel free to bookmark this page; RAMM is always researching and adding new, farm safety products. Your horses will be happier and healthier on a constantly improving farm.

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