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Allow your fence gates to open smoothly and without any effort with the gate wheel attached to the bottom of the gate. It works with multiple size round tube gates. The gate wheel does all the work and prevents your gates from bottoming out.

Gate Wheel
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The gate wheel helps reduce stress on posts and hinges by taking some of the pressure off of them and onto the gate wheel its self. The gate wheel also helps prevent the end of the gate from sagging over time with heavy metal gates. Help stop gravity with our rigid constructed gate wheel. They are made of heavy gauge galvanized steel with a rubber compound wheel. For a more permanent fitment, you can tack weld the gate wheel mounting bracket right to your metal fence gate.

- MUST HAVE for a large gate. I have a few 16' gates and they are not sagging anymore because of the wheel! Jana-MN

- " These were a life saver for my kids around the farm. They had a hard time closing and opening the gates before and now we don't have to worry if they got it closed all the way." Jim SC

- Works great on the heavier largr gates:)Allows for easy opening and closing and can be attached to any gate!