Horse Waterers and Buckets

  • Automatic Heated Horse Waterer


    Automatic Heated Horse Waterer

    Make sure all of your horses have fresh water while they are out in the pasture. This 80 head automatic heated waterer will ensure there is plenty of fresh clean water to go around to all of the horses. It is also great for cattle or exotic animals.

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  • 16-Gallon Heated Bucket

    SKU: 16EB

    16-Gallon Heated Bucket

    Thermostatically controlled to keep water approximately 42 degrees. The 260-watt heater is energy efficient, and the 6 foot shielded cord protects horses from chewing. The bucket omes with a one-year warranty and ships through UPS.

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  • Auto Stall Waterer


    Auto Stall Waterer

    One of our top sellers, the auto stall waterers have many outstanding features. They can mount on stall walls; there is a removable drain plug for easy cleaning; and they're made of heavy-duty polyethylene. Provides clean fresh water to your horses.

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  • Flexible Stall Waterer

    SKU: FHW

    Flexible Stall Waterer

    Will not stick open due to it's innovative brass valve design. This stall waterer is designed with smooth, round edges for safe drinking. It's circular, smooth surface makes it a breeze to clean. No more hauling water buckets or heavy hose.

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  • Insulated Bucket Holder In Tan Only


    Insulated Bucket Holder In Tan Only

    Keeps water from freezing in the winter, and cooler in the summer. Includes a 5-gallon poly pail with float. Can be added into a swing-out bucket door, or mounted directly on any flat stall wall or partition.

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  • Lockable Stall Waterer

    SKU: LHR

    Lockable Stall Waterer

    Plastic with brass valves. Allows you to shut off the flow of water right at the paddle. Horses must push on the padle for water. This design wastes less water and the bowl stays cleaner.

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  • Pail Safe Bucket Holder

    SKU: PSB

    Pail Safe Bucket Holder

    This horse stall bucket holder is virtually horse proof. It's maze like design ensures that horse can not knock the bucket on the ground or spill any feed or grain on the stall floor. This economical holder will save you money with no wasted food.

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  • Swing Out Bucket Door


    Swing Out Bucket Door

    This heavy-duty bucket door is big enough to hold both our 5 gallon bucket holder and our insulated bucket holder. This door will save you time and money by saving you from going into your horse's stall every time you need to feed or water them.

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  • 5-Gallon Bucket Holder

    SKU: BH5

    5-Gallon Bucket Holder

    This bucket holder easily mounts to any horse stall or horse fence and holds and protects any 5 gallon bucket. It works with round or flat back buckets and provides excellent protection to heated buckets. Available in red.

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  • Horse Post Waterer


    Horse Post Waterer

    Drinking Post Waterers will: * Eliminate the cost associated with heating water during winter months * Mitigate the threat of WNV by eliminating standing water * Provide fresher, cleaner water than any heated waterer, insulated waterer, bucket/trough

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  • Automatic Stall water replacement heat pad

    SKU: 2198160s

    Automatic Stall water replacement heat pad

    Made of tough high density polyethylene

    Heated with 100 watt super efficient infrared heat pad

    Rounded Edges for optimal animal safety

    Automatic fill valve ensures fresh water at all times

    Easy to install by screwing into th

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If you have looked into watering options and feel that it's time for a permanent solution, an automatic horse waterer may be the answer you're looking for. A Horse Stall Waterer will allow your horses get the fresh water they need without constantly filling their buckets. The units are permanently installed so horses cannot move them, and insulated models keep water from freezing. Today, there are many waterers available for both horse stalls and pastures.

RAMM horse waterers are designed to be mounted directly to the stall wall. Heavy-duty polyethylene covers protect horses from any risk of shock. Additionally, the slender shape and rounded edges make waterers free from sharp edges. Removable drain plugs allow for easy cleaning. The height of the horse stall waterer is adjustable and is thermostatically controlled.

For your pasture, you may select a post waterer. This 5.5-gallon waterer will accommodate horses on both sides, a great feature if two pastures are side-by-side. Another great option is the heated waterer with a deep 8" bowl. With pasture horse waterers, you will avoid frozen troughs or tanks, have fresh water readily available for your horses, and eliminate the worry of an electric trough heater.

Heated water buckets are one way to prevent water from freezing in your horse stalls. RAMM's UL approved buckets come in 5 and 16-gallon sizes. These buckets are thermostatically controlled to keep the water temperature between 42 and 55-degrees.

If your barn is not equipped with electricity for using an automatic horse waterer, consider the RAMM insulated bucket holder. This holder is insulated to keep water from freezing and will help to keep water cooler in the summer, too. A 5-gallon poly pail with a float is included. The holder can be mounted directly to the inside of the stall wall. Water should be changed regularly to avoid frozen edges.

Call one of our equine experts at RAMM for more information on the watering device that is best for you. We are here to help save your valuable time and make chore time simpler. Check out all of our equine products, plan your farm and barn project, or just read through our helpful resource center. The fence and stall experts at RAMM can offer assistance in your search for particular equine products as well as installation questions too; just give them a call at 1.800.434.8456